Haas VF4

Medium Size Haas CNC VF4

The Haas VF4 (sometimes called a VF-4) is a popular medium size CNC, with a travel 50 x 20 x 25. Haas CNC controls including DWO/TCP, the general specifications on the VF4, rotary tables, and fixturing accessories that come with some used Haas VF4 CNCs as well as how to buy and how to inspect a used Haas VF4 CNC machine for sale.

Haas CNC VF4 Controls

The Haas control makes their VMC (Vertical Machining Centers) easy to operate. Even models going to back to the year 2000 had Haas-only features like Word Processor Editing to help operators easily make changes. They carried features like one-touch, multi-function jog-handle and quick code programming even these early machines. Haas provides a robust dependable control that is integrated with the Haas CNC machine. They do not rely on third-party NC suppliers. Used Haas VF4 machines have dedicated keypads with a full array of keys including a complete alphanumeric keypad with all common functions clearly labeled for operator use. Operators dont need to remember any encrypted codes. Keep in mind, if you are buying an older Haas, you probably can update the control with a third-party vendor.

The Haas CNC VF4 controls come with one-button features to make common multi-step functions fast. For example, a tool offset can be reduced to the push of one button. Other common functions of the one-button function include setting work offsets, homing the machine and selection the next tool during setup. The jog-handle on most CNC machines is used to only move the axis around. But on the Haas VF4, the jog-handle can be used in other modes to cursor through the program for overriding spindle speeds, faster editing, or to scan through offsets, parameters, etc. All of this is easy to see on the high-density, high-contrast LCD screen that is common to many years of VF4 production. This 15 TFT LCD display screen will not wash out in bright light because the panel is mounted behind anti-glare tempered glass for production and easy viewing. The USB port makes it easy to use your own USB flash memory devices or external hard drives if you are not connecting via ethernet or Wi-Fi.
As computer technology advances, Haas makes their controls even faster and smarter. Their goal is to keep the spindle turning which keeps the cash flowing into your pocket.

DWO/TCP on VF4 Haas Used CNC

When looking for a used Haas VF4 CNC for sale, consider asking if the DWO/TCP option is included. This stands for Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Center Point Control. Its a software feature designed by Haas to increase productivity and reduce setup times. It makes setting up easy by allowing an operator to place the part and fixture anywhere on the machines table or platter. The machine will find it no matter the location that was programmed by the CAM system. DWO and TCPC determine the difference between the centers of rotation which are programmed in the CAM system and the centers of rotation inside the machine and applies the appropriate offsets. This saves money by eliminating costly work holding, like self-centering fixtures and the regeneration of programs by CAM systems.

Rotary Table & Fixturing Accessories on Haas VF4

You may find a Haas VF4 for sale with a rotary table. Youll see these listed along with the VF4 with model numbers like HRT160, HRT160SS, HRT210, HRC210, HRT210-2, etc. These add 4th axis capability for round parts to odd-shaped castings. They are T-Slotted rotary tables that allow for very flexible fixturing. All Haas mills with this added to the Haas control gain multi-axis capability. Haas also has a wide range of work holding solutions from tailstocks to quick-change fixture plates to manual scroll chucks. You will want to inquire about any additional fixturing tooling that may be included with your used VF4 Haas CNC. New, the small rotary tables cost between $9,000 and $10,500 and medium tables (the HRT210 and HRT310 series) run between $10,500 to $16,000. Since you can boost your production with high-precision rotary products, they may be well worth the extra expense.

How To Buy A Haas VF4 CNC

Buying a used CNC vertical machining center like the VF4 is similar to buying a used car. You want the best machine and a Haas VF 4 price that is fair. When you find a used Haas VF4 for sale, you know it values is based on the quality of the machine and capabilities and theres no big mark-up from the manufacturer like there is for new machines. After the initial depreciation,

Haas CNC machines hold their value much better than cars. Youll also find pricing varies depending on the condition, number of spindle hours, the age of the SL-30 CNC and the options that are included.

The base model new VF4 machines from Haas have consistently sold for between $65,000 $70,000 for the last 10 years. If the used Haas VF4 for sale that you are considering is priced higher, youre likely to find extras like through spindle coolants, chip augers, programmable coolant, spare M codes, coolant filters, 4th axis drive, 4th axis rotary tables, side ATC and more. Youll also find pricing varies depending on the condition, the number of spindle hours and age of the VF-4 CNC.

The VF4 configurations have changed relatively little making it a great option to buy used. Because of its popularity, finding machinists for the VF4 is easier than for other CNCs. When you are looking at a used VF4 Haas machine for sale, youll want to get photos and carefully inspect for signs of wear and tear, get the maintenance records as well as the hours of operation. Every Haas VF 4 price should be justified by age, wear, capabilities and accessories. Here are some tips for finding the best used Haas CNC. Here are some things to consider when looking for Haas VF4 CNC machines for sale.