Used AIM AFC6 Tube and Pipe Bender

Pre-owned AIM AFM3D14T 2011 Tube and Pipe Bender. This Tube and Pipe Bender has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in USA. This AIM Tube and Pipe Bender is available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this AFM3D14T before it's gone.

Wire Diameter Range: 0.080"-0.25"
Wire Feed Resolution: <0.00001"
Max Wire Feed Speed: 246'/Min
Bender Resolution: <0.0001°
Max Bender Speed: 2400°/Sec
Max Bender Angle: Unlimited
Z-Axis Resolution: 0.0001°
Max Z-Axis Speed: 550°/Sec
Max Z-Axis Rotation: Unlimited
Set up time:
-Same Wire Diameter: 2 minutes
-Changing Bending Tools: 15 minutes
Average Power Consumption: 1.6 KW/H
Electrical Requirements: 50/60Hz, 208v, 3 phase
Air Requirements: 100PSI at 2SCFM

Dimensions: 180" x 70" x 60"
Weight: 4,000

P270-5 Payoff Unit Specifications
Material coil maximum weights : up to 4400 Lbs.
Installed Power: 5 Hp AC motor
Speed Range: 10 – 44 RPM,
Rotation selector
Momentary reverse button
Utility Requirements
480 VAC, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz, < 1 CFM air supply.

Dimensions: 78W”x86”Lx63”H
Weight: 1,700 Lbs
AIM P270-5 Payoff Unit
Erich (Machine Shop in WA)