Haas Automation History

Since 1988 when Haas introduced the VF-1, a machine designed by machinists for machinists, Haas has continued to provide CNC mills for numerous applications. Today Haas Automation is the leader in North America CNC machine sales. In the world of CNCs, Haas is so popular that Haas CNC For Sale is the most searched for CNC-related term in Google.
Haas CNC are made in Oxnard, California, USA, and have become the most trusted brand in the industry. As of 2018, they continue to sell thousands of machines each month and even have backlogs in their delivery because of the demand and momentum in the United States economy. One of the most popular models made by Haas is the Haas VF2. The Haas VF2 for sale on the www.haascnc.com website has been so popular, that theyve made the same model for over 10 years. Haas is a great brand for companies looking for economical machines that they would like to support themselves. Haas supports their customers with lots of online resources to encourage shops to maintain and repair their own Haas CNC as much as is reasonable.

Haas CNC Controls

The Haas control makes used Haas CNCs easy to operate. Even models going to back to the year 2000 had Haas-only features like Word Processor Editing to help operators easily make changes. On their milling machines, they had features like one-touch, multi-function jog-handle and quick code programming even on machines made 18 years ago. They provide a robust dependable control that is integrated with the Haas CNC machine. They do not rely on third-party NC suppliers. Used Haas CNC machines have dedicated keypads with a full array of keys including a complete alphanumeric keypad with all common functions clearly labeled for operator use. Operators dont need to remember any encrypted codes. Keep in mind, if you are buying an older Haas, its very likely that the control can be updated. Haas supports their equipment no matter what the age and provides updates to all Haas CNC machine owners.
As computer technology advances, Haas makes their controls even faster and smarter. Their goal is to keep the spindle turning which keeps the cash flowing into your pocket. Contact your local Haas distributor or visit the Haas website for information on updating an older Haas machine.
Newer models have:
HaasConnect Remote Monitoring, Ethernet connectivity, DWO/TCPC (Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Center Point Control), User-Definable Macros, WiFi Connectivity, Expandable Memory

Types of Haas Mill & Lathe for Sale

Haas Vertical Machining Centers (VMC)

You will find the Haas vertical milling machines are sold as VF Series, as universal machines (UMC), mini mills (MINI MILL) and drill/tap/mill (DT & DM). There are also machine series designed for specific applications, like the mold machines (VM) and tool room mills (TM). For small parts in tight spots, the compact CNC vertical mill (CM) may fit the bill. For the largest applications, cutting plate and sheet Haas offers the Gantry series (GR). The Haas VR Series ended in 2013 but is still widely available used. Click here for more information.

Haas Series Horizontal Milling Machines (HMM)

Horizontal mills have the spindle on the horizontal axis and are used for making much larger parts than the vertical milling machines. Differentiators between various Haas horizontal machines are similar to those of vertical milling machines. Size, spindle speed, horsepower and the design of the tool changing system all make an impact on the speed and complexity of part that can be made on horizontal milling machines. Haas offers the EC series which can make parts up to 10,000 lbs. Haas offers two basic sizes of horizontal milling machines, 64 x 50 x 32 and 64 x 50 x 40. The additional 8 is on the ZT variation of their EC. Look for EC-1600, EC-1600ZT or for both 5 Axis and the extra size, the EC-1600ZT-5AX.

Haas CNC Lathes

Haas makes a full line of turning centers (lathes) including toolroom lathes, big-bore versions, dual-spindle models, live tooling with C-axis models and Y-axis capabilities.

Haas Rotary Tables and Indexers

Hass offers rotary products that add 4th and 5th axis capabilities to many of their machines. T-slotted rotary tables allow for flexible fixturing for machining round parts and odd-shaped parts. Model numbers for these rotary tables usually begin with HRT. Their 5-axis rotary tables and add a 3+2 position or full 5-axis motion. The models of tilting indexers include the T5C, T5C2, T5C3, and T5C4. The TR70, TRT100, TRT160, and TRT210 are models of tilting rotaries. Prices for these begin around $20,000 for new. Indexers have model numbers like HA5C, HA5C-T, HA5CS, HA5C2, HA5C3 and more. They can be single-spindle or multi-spindle and have new prices ranging from $8,000 to $13,000. When buying used Haas CNCs, sometimes youll find that rotary table and/or indexers included. If one of these accessories is included, then the price will be proportionately higher in most cases.

Haas Known for DIY Resources & Regional Factory Outlet Service Support

Haas provides extensive online resources for training and support. They have troubleshooting guides, how-to procedures, mill operator manuals and lathe operator mills readily available on their website. You can watch videos for troubleshooting as well as service and maintenance and get regular tips on how to best operate and care for your Haas machines. In addition, operators can search from alarm codes for all kinds of resources. They also have an extensive network of service technicians at their Haas Factory Outlets and recommend that certain machine repairs be done only by authorized personnel.