Citizen Swiss Lathe

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Citizen CNC swiss lathe machinery has been making swiss lathes since 1961. Citizen CNC machines is related to the watch company as the swiss machines are perfect for CNC watch making since Citizen lathes are perfect for small, complex parts. Citizen CNC makes sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathes, fixed headstock type CNC automatic lathes and multi-station machining cells.

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Citizen CNC Lathe

Citizen has its origin in watchmaking. Highly precise machine tools were needed to make the intricate parts of watches. It was founded in Tokyo in 1930 and begin selling machine tools in 1961. The first CNC lathe was called a Cincom D16. Miyano Machinery became a subsidiary of Citizen Holding Co. in 2010. As of 2018, Citizen Machinery Co., LTD reported having 700 employees and 12 group companies, one of which is MARUBENI CITIZEN-CINCOM INC. Marubeni Citizen-Cincom is headquartered in New Jersey and supports both North and South American distributors. They support sales and service via a distributor network. For help or information on used Citizen CNC lathes, you can fill out a support ticket with Marubeni Citizen-Cincom, or reach out to the nearest distributor.

Citizen Swiss Lathes by Series

Citizen Model Spindle Speed Weight Brochure
Citizen A20 8,000 rpm 5,621 lbs Sales Brochure
Citizen D25 10,000 rpm 7,605 lbs Sales Brochure
Cincom K16 15,000 rpm 4,850 lbs Sales Brochure
Cincom L12 10,000 rpm 3,748 lbs Sales Brochure
Cincom L20 10,000 rpm 5,182 lbs Sales Brochure
Cincom L32 8,000 rpm 6,283 lbs Sales Brochure
Cincom M-series 8,000 rpm 5,621 lbs Sales Brochure
Citizen R04VI 8,000 rpm 2,314 lbs Sales Brochure

Citizen Swiss lathes for sale

When you are looking at used Citizen swiss lathes, youll need to define the size parts and complexity that you plan to make. If you're inexperienced and need help, you can call one of our engineers at 844-262-6789, and they can help you decide on a good fit. Our experts will help you determine the number of turrets, spindles, axis and chuck size that is best for your application.