Horizontal Boring Mill (HBM)

Horizontal boring machines also known as a horizontal boring mill have the spindle mounted horizontally with the workpiece stationary and the tool turning for high precision heavy-duty cutting. This allows for boring of much larger workpieces than a vertical boring machine tool. Traditional horizontal machining centers arent built for the larger pieces. On horizontal boring machines, the spindle advances out from the headstock which allows the end user to reach into small cavities. Horizontal boring machines are built to support the boring of very large parts for a wide range of industries. Some of the most well known horizontal boring mill manufacturers include Giddings & Lewis, Wotan, Hurco, Doosan, Lucas, Tos Varnsdorf, Van Norman, Cincinnati, Toshiba/Shibaura, Union, Johnford, Kearney & Trecker and Pfeifer.