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Mazak is an international manufacturer of CNC mills and CNC lathes with a long line of machining centers. Mazak also sells automation accessories including bar feeders, gantry loaders and robots. Find listings for Mazak mills and Mazak lathes like the Mazak Integrex.

Used Mazak CNC Machines

Mazak Machine Tool History

Mazak Corporation is an international manufacturer of machining centers with a diverse product line including multi-tasking, 5-axis, turning, vertical machining center and horizontal machining centers as well as an exclusive parts-moving cell system called Palletech, and automation software. Mazak offers multiple software solutions and boasts the ability to connect and secure their CNC of all ages. This makes it possible for you to buy a used Mazak CNC machine and still take advantage of newer, smooth programming, software solutions. For example, the Mazak ismart and Mazak SmartBox, developed in 2015 together with Cisco, provides security, analytics and machine monitoring which is backward compatible with older Mazak machines.

Mazak Automation

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Mazak also provides a number of automation accessories to CNC machining such as bar feeders, gantry loaders and articulating robots. Newer CNC are available with digital solutions including MTConnect, which is a key component of Mazaks iSMART Factory concept since 2015.

Mazak Mazatrol

The primary operating system for Mazak CNC is called Mazatrol, which was first introduced in 1981 and has since been developed into an advanced connected digital platform. In 2014 Mazak introduced the CNC Mazatrol SmoothX controller. That same year they released the Mazatrol SmoothG and Mazatrol SmoothC CNC systems. Any used Mazak for sale online should provide you with information on the control and connectivity options. You may want to find out from Mazak what upgrade options are available for a particular machine before you buy.

Selecting A Mazak Machine

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Mazak is leading manufacturer of CNC machines worldwide, and as such, they have hundreds of models under a wide range of series names that have changed throughout the years.

Mazak CNC Lathe Models

Mazak Model Type Mazak Model Series
Mazak Quick Turn Nexus CNC Lathe QTN 100, QTN 100MS, QTN 100MSY, QTN 150, QTN 150M, QTN 150MS, QTN 150MSY, QTN 200M, QTN 200MS, QTN 200MSY, QTN 250, QTN 250M, QTN 250MS, QTN 250MSY, QTN 350M, QTN 350MS, QTN 350MSY, QTN 400, QTN 400M, QTN 400MS, QTN 400MSY, QTN 450, QTN 450M, QTN 450MS
Mazak Quick Turn Smart CNC Lathe Mazak QTU-200, QTU-200M, QTU-200MSY, QTU-250, QTU-250M, QTU-250MS, QTU-250MSY, QTU-350, QTU-350M, QTU-250MS, QTU-250MSY, QTU-350, QTU-350M, QTU-350MS, QTU-350MSY
Mazak QTU CNC Lathe QTS 100, QTS 150, QTS 200, QTS 250, QTS 350
Mazak Slant Turn CNC Lathe Slant Turn 450, Slant Turn 500, Slant Turn 500M, Slant Turn 550M, Slant Turn 600, Slant Turn 600M, Slant Turn 800

Mazak VTL Models

Mazak Model Type Mazak Model Series
Mazak Mega Turn VTL Mega Turn 400, Mega Turn 500, Mega Turn 500M, Mega Turn 600, Mega Turn 600M, Mega Turn 900, Mega Turn 900M, Mega Turn 1600, Mega Turn 1600M
Mazak IVS VTL Mazak IVS-200, IVS-300, IVS-400

Mazak Integrex Models

Mazak currently offers the following over 40 different machines under the Mazak INTEGREX model name including multiple CNC machines in each of these categories 2018, e-H, e-Ramtec, e-V, I, i AM, i-V and i. Many used Mazak machines available today are from the earlier Integrex e-Series.

Mazak Model Mazak Model Series
Mazak Integrex SY Integrex 100SY, Integrex 200SY, Integrex 300SY, Integrex 400SY
Mazak Integrex i Integrex i-100, Integrex i-100ST, Integrex i-150, Integrex i-200, Integrex J-200, Integrex i-200ST, Integrex i-300, Integrex i-300ST, Integrex i-400, Integrex i-400ST, Integrex i-500, Integrex i-500, Integrex i-500V/5, Integrex i-630V/6, Integrex i-800V/8
Mazak Integrex e Integrex e-420H, Integrex e-420HS, Integrex e-500H, Integrex e-500HS, Integrex e-650HS, Integrex e-670HS, Integrex e-800H, Integrex e-1060V, Integrex e-1250V/8, Integrex e-1600V/10, Integrex e-1850v/12, Integrex e-Ramtec V/8, Integrex e-Ramtec V/10, Integrex e-Ramtec V/12,

used mazak cnc machines

Why Buy a Mazak CNC Machines?

There are many reasons that machine shop owners and manufacturers across the country rely on Mazak for all their machining needs. Mazak has been building machines and innovating for over 100 years and has a reputation for designing and supplying high-quality, innovative and customer-friendly machines. No matter what your machining needs, theres a good chance that theres a used Mazak that will be a good fit for your application.You can see a breakdown of more of thier machines by see our used Mazak mill and used Mazak lathe Inventory.

Here are a few of the reasons many machine shops prefer Mazak:

  • Customer Service support
  • Mazak offers free phone technical support
  • Software upgrades for the life of the Mazak machine
  • Diagnostic software support
  • Network of over 350 factory-trained Mazak service representatives
  • A wide array of complementary services & accessories
  • Easier to find machine operators familiar with the Mazak control system
  • Extensive parts support easy to find parts for Mazak CNC machines made in any year
  • Well-developed training programs
  • On-site training available at technology centers around the country
  • Partnership with Tooling U-SME for eLearning
  • Advanced classes to optimize manufacturing processes
  • Programming classes, EIA, and Mazatrol web-based and/or hands-on training available
  • A significant amount of their manufacturing is done in America (check out the Kentucky plant)