CNC Machines Team

Curt Doherty

Founder and CEO

Since 2003, Curt has been a trailblazing leader in the CNC machine industry. With now over 16 years experience in the industry, he has learned the value of CNC machines and has an understanding of how to help manufacturers with their technology. He has grown CNC Machines CNC Machines to become a brand that machinists and manufacturers alike can trust. Since 2014, he and his team have purchased and sold over 1000 machines and boast more than 500+ machines in inventory on their website.

"Selling CNC Machines is like second nature to me. I simply am here to serve the needs of manufacturers. Our CNC machines are used, but are refurbished and taken care of making our machines an ideal acquisition for a lot of manufacturers and machine shops. This helps machinist accomplish their projects with the machine they need without the huge upfront cost of buying a new CNC machine at retail price."

Curt started his career in sales through the selling of custom entertainment systems at Sears back in the early 2000’s. He enjoyed working at Sears and found that the process of selling and consulting with customers was something that he not only liked, but excelled at. A few years later he was presented with the opportunity to again work in sales, but this time with CNC Machines.

Mr. Doherty prides himself on being an avid reader. Throughout his career, he gained understanding and experience by reading books authored by successful businessman such as Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and of course Jordan Belfort. Curt also focused on gaining the knowledge to become a better leader. This helped him in creating the current team at CNC Machines. Most of his learnings in leadership came from mentors like John Maxwell, Dr. Henry Cloud and motivations from Tony Robbins.

"I am quick at learning and dominating a subject. If I needed to learn it, I simply grab a book or an audio book and learn it. Still to this day, for an hour, I read or listen to an audiobook on success, business, sales, or marketing."

The mission of CNC Machines is to help American manufacturers buy and sell CNC machines. The company strives to do this while innovating the sales process, customer service, and the tools provided that help manufacturers stay informed about their acquisitions or sale of their equipment.

"We need to work together to help grow the American manufacturing industry. Every part of the industry matters and we feel like we are an important part of the process"

Curt is a family man that enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. This is something that he makes sure all his employees make time for to increase the well-being of the team. Some of his major hobbies include cycling, golfing, and fishing.