Used BLM LS5 Laser

Pre-owned BLM LS5 2018 Laser. This Laser has average cutting time and is equipped with a Siemens 840 D control. This CNC Machine is currently located in USA. This BLM Laser is available for a limited time.Get a quote today on this LS5 before it's gone.

(6.5' x 13') Flat sheet system w/automatic pallet changer
IPG YSL 6000 - Cut 6kW fiber laser system
Flat Sheet Size : (79” x 157”’)
Sheets up to a maximum thickness of (1”)
Siemens 840 D
A laser assist gas proportional valve controlled by CNC to regulate the assist gas pressure.
Multi-zone fume extractor system under the cutting table
Laser sheet location detector for the detecting the position of the sheet and the tube
Precitec cutting head
CE / CDRH complaint safety enclosure
Active Focus
Lens protection
Pallet Changer
Equipped with a 3kW Fiber Laser resonator
Zach (Machine Shop in USA)