DMG Gildemeister Lathes

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DMG Gildemeister, also known as DMG Mori, was founded in Germany in 1870 and has been in operation for over a hundred years. The company has over 7,000 employes distributed across 134 locations all over the globe. DMG Gildemeister manufactures CNC lathes and CNC turret lathes. DMG Gildemeister has received multiple awards for excellence from organizations like the German Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME) and magazines like Capital and Focus Money. We carry used DMG Gildemeister CNC lathes of various years and models. Talk to our experienced team of machine tool equipment specialists and find the right solution for your facility. Call us at (844) 262-6789.

DMG Gildemeister CNC Lathes

Precision German engineering and design

DMG Gildemeister CNC lathes are made with the same quality and attention to detail that is typical of German engineering. DMG Gildemeister puts great effort into designing machines that perform to the highest standard while still offering a convenient and effortless user experience. The Sprint 20 Linear machine in particular has been recognized by Red Dot for its trend-setting new design. DMG Gildemeister cnc machine

DMG Gildemeister CNC Controls

All DMG Gildemeister CNC units are equipped with an intuitive and tactile control interface that operators can quickly learn and master. Whether its a classic Fanuc based operator panel or the app based CELOS control and operating system, your workers will be using your DMG Gildemeister machines like a pro in no time.

DMG Gildemeister CNC Turning Machine Tools

DMG Gildemeister offers a full range of CNC lathes and CNC turret lathes. The sheer variety of lathe types and configurations guarantee you will be able to find a machine tool that will fit your manufacturing needs.

DMG Gildemeister Lathe Model Type Model Names
CLX Series Universal CLX 350, CLX 450, CLX 550
NEF Series Universal NEF 400
CTX Series Universal CTX 2500, CX alpha 500, CTX beta 500, CTX beta 800, CTX beta 2000
NLX Series Universal NLX 1500, NLX 2000, NLX 2500, NLX 3000, NLX 4000, NLX 6000
SL Series Universal SL 403, SL 603
ALX SeriesUniversalALX 1500, ALX 2000, ALX 2500
CTV SeriesVerticalCTV 160, CTV 250, CTV 315, CTV 250 DF
WASINO SeriesHorizontalWASINO G 100/300, WASINO G 100/480, WASINO G 100M/480, WASINO A SY/15, WASINO A Y/18, WASINO JJ-1
NZX SeriesHorizontalNZX 1500, NZX 2000, NZX 2500, NZX 4000, NZX 6000, NZX-S 1500, NZX-S 2500
NRX SeriesHorizontalNRX 2000
SPRINT SeriesHorizontalSPRING 20/5, SPRINT 20/8, SPRING 32/5, SPRINT 32/8, SPRINT 42 linear, SPRINT 42/10 linear
SPRINT Turret SeriesHorizontalSPRINT 50, SPRINT 65
CTX SeriesHorizontalCTX beta 800 4A, CTX beta 1250 4A, CTX beta 1250 CS
GMC / GM SeriesHorizontalGMC 20, GMC 35, GM 16-6, GMC 20-6