Used GENERIC GENERIC TOMBSTONE Tooling and Workholding

Pre-owned GENERIC GENERIC TOMBSTONE 2018 Tooling and Workholding for only $5,500. This Tooling and Workholding has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in Mansfield, Texas. This GENERIC Tooling and Workholding is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this GENERIC TOMBSTONE before it's gone.

500mm X 500mm X 305mm X 305mm X 743
500mm x 00mm x 310mm x 310mm X685mm
(4 Each)
400mm X 400mm X 254mm Xx 254mm X 540mm
(2 Each)
Equipped With:
Large Tombstones $3800.00 Each
Small Tombstones $1000.00 Each
Robin (Machine Shop in USA)