Used HAAS EC1600 Horizontal Machining Center

Are you looking for a machining center at a reasonable price? Look no further than this 2012 HAAS EC1600 Horizontal Machining Center. Located in the Midwest, this machine is powered by a HAAS CNC control system that offers exceptional performance and accuracy. With its extensive range of cutting parameters, you can be confident in its ability to produce high-quality products consistently. This machine also comes with several options and upgrades, including a Chip Conveyor, Probe, Coolant Thru Spindle, 360,000 Full 4th, Remote Jog Handle, 1,000 PSI, and Side Mount Tool Changer. These features provide added versatility and make it easier to manage and maintain the machine. One of the crucial benefits of this machine is its horizontal configuration, which facilitates easy and precise positioning of work-pieces. It also ensures greater flexibility in terms of the angle of approach, allowing for lower tool wear and faster cycle times. The Chip Conveyor is another great feature that helps to streamline the machining process. By removing chips and debris as they accumulate, it ensures the working area remains clean and free of obstructions, which also prolongs the life of the tool and enhances productivity. The Probe system provides an accurate and reliable method of measuring work-piece dimensions and ensuring they are consistent with the design specifications. Combined with the Remote Jog Handle, which allows for easy and precise tool positioning, it helps to reduce errors and improve efficiency. With its 1,000 PSI coolant system and Coolant Thru Spindle option, this machine can maintain optimal temperatures and speeds while reducing tool wear and improving tool life. There are also several other attributes of the HAAS EC1600 that make it an excellent choice for any manufacturing or production environment. It has a high spindle speed of up to 10,000 RPM, allowing for fast and efficient material removal. Additionally, the 360,000 Full 4th option enables more complex machining processes, providing greater flexibility and higher precision. The Side Mount Tool Changer maintains optimal tool positioning, minimizing tool changes and reducing the need for manual intervention. This feature is particularly useful when working on large and complex jobs that require multiple tools and coordinated movements. In conclusion, the 2012 HAAS EC1600 Horizontal Machining Center offers excellent value and performance for a wide range of applications. With its robust features, it is an ideal choice for any business looking to streamline their machining process and increase productivity. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of this exceptional used product listing - contact the seller today!

X Axis Travel: 64"
Y Axis Travel: 50"
Z Axis Travel: 32"
Rapid Rate X Axis: 540 IPM
Rapid Rate Y Axis: 540 IPM
Rapid Rate Z Axis: 540 IPM
Max Pallet Load: 10,000 LBS
Spindle Speed: 7,500 RPM
Spindle Motor: 30 HP
Spindle Taper: 50 CT
Tool Changer: 30 ATC
Tool Change Time: 12.6 Seconds
Max Tool Diameter 4" / 10"
Max Tool Length 20"
Pallet Size: 64" x 36"
Weight: 33,500 LBS
HAAS CNC Control
Chip Conveyor
Coolant Thru Spindle
360,000 Full 4th
4th Axis Rotating Platter
Remote Jog Handle
1,000 PSI
Side Mount Tool Changer

I bought a used Haas VF2SS with a 5 Axis Trunnion from CNC Machines. The transaction was smooth and the machine was rigged and delivered to my shop in perfect condition.

Morgan K.

Morgan Meredith Inc.

We purchased a used 2014 Haas VF4 and 2011 Haas ST30 from, they have nice machines with great prices!

Tony L.

Genesys Ind.

I purchased a Haas VF2 and an SL20 from Michael at CNC Machines over the past two years. Both times I went down to inspect the machines at their facility in Florida and they ran great. Will call next time I am in the market.

Milton C.

Yellow Creek Machine

Very nice Haas 5 axis mill! Great deal and support, thank you.

Jered W.

Rod Creek Machining

We bought a Haas machining center from Michael Ford arranged the rigging and freight at a reasonable price. He was easy to work with and the machine arrived at our shop in good shape.

Chris A.

Robert Alten Inc.

We purchased a Haas VF5 from Excellent service! Our Haas VF5 has been in production for serval months without any issues. I will be buying from them again!

Kyle G.

Dynamic Machining

This deal went awesome, I'm super impressed!

End of Lease Manager

US Bank

Very easy to deal with and professional. Made the selling process headache free with options based on my time frame.

Deanna L.

Precision Grinding Inc.

Michael helped me sell 3 Haas machines over the summer of 2016. CNC Machines was professional and effective at getting all of the machines sold.

Mark W.

Clark Machine is a top notch company! Now that I know you can purchase a machine online with someone that can be trusted, I will go back to for future purchases.

Chris A.

Robert Alten Inc.

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