Haas EC400

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HMC Haas EC400

Haas has been making the EC400 series since the early 2000s. These are popular horizontal machining centers (HMC) with a number of high-productivity standard features. The EC-400 is a T-base HMC with a work cube of 20 x 20 x 20, dual 15.8 pallets and 1,000-pound load capacity. The standard version has an incremental (45 degree) indexing, a large volume coolant system, and triple-auger chip removal.

The inline, direct-drive motor is coupled with the spindle system and produces good surface finishes and thermal stability. You will find 40 taper, 8,000 rpm machines are powered by a 20 hp vector dual drive system and a 40 + 1 side-mount tool changer with 1,000 IPM on standard EC400 HMCs.
The EC400PP model comes standard with 12,000 rpm spindles and a 70 +1 side-mount tool changer.

Selection Overview

When selecting your Haas EC400, youll want to take into consideration both your current and future needs for size, speed, versatility, and precision. If you need to make more complex parts, the EC400PP might be a better option, since it comes with a larger side-mount tool changer and higher spindle speed maximum.