Used HAAS TR210H Tooling and Workholding

Pre-owned HAAS TR-210H 2012 Tooling and Workholding. This Tooling and Workholding has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in USA. This HAAS Tooling and Workholding is available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this TR-210H before it's gone.

A fresh gas strut has been recently installed. The trunnion has very light use and is in like new condition. Comes with cart and cover.

Platter Diameter: 8.3"
Max Weight on Platter: 200 lbs
Part Swing Max: 23.5"
Number of Std T-Slots: 6@ 60°
Spindle - A (Tilt)
Max Speed: 0.001 to 60 °/sec
Max Torque: 300 ft-lb
Backlash: 30arc-sec
Gear Ratio: 90:1
Timing: 2:1
Brake Torque@100 PSI/6.9 bar: 400 ft-lb
Spindle - B (Rotary)
Max Speed: 0.001 to 60 °/sec
Max Torque: 210 ft-lb
Runout Max: 0.0005"
Backlash: 30 arc-sec
Pilot Bore Diameter (through): 2.000 (+0.0005, -0) "
Gear Ratio: 90:1
Timing: 2:1
Charles (Machine Shop in USA)