2018 HEXAGON 7.10.7

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X Axis 27.95"
Y Axis 39.76"
Z Axis 27.95

LED lighting and fixture plate system for easy workspace access and visibility
Message lighting system to alert users of system status from a distance
User-focused jogbox and holder design to make interacting with the machine more intuitive
Integrated touch-screen monitor with hidden cable management provides convenient operator input
Hardened linear guides to provide reliable inspection in the long term
Light-weight bellows and covers protect machine components from shop-floor contaminants and reduce friction to keep downtime to a minimum
Thermal isolation elements and temperature compensation that ensure accuracy, even in changing temperatures
Vibration isolation to reduce the effect of vibrations on measurements for the best possible readings, with an optional active dampening system available for extreme environments
Various touch trigger and continuous contact analogue scanning probe options available to meet a range of measurement requirements
The machine is almost brand new with few hours of usage. Purchased the equipment in 2018 directly from Hexagon with additional service, warranty, and software package extended to 2020. We were trying to use it for training and offline programming purpose but no longer need it. The unit has extra probing heads and also automatic probe changing rack. The machine is fully calibrated to ISO standard with amazing results and has been sitting inside a lab temperature / humidity since bought.