Used HITACHI SEIKI HG630 Horizontal Machining Center

Pre-owned HITACHI SEIKI HG630 2001 Horizontal Machining Center. This Horizontal Machining Center has average cutting time and is equipped with a SEICOS SIGMA 16T (FANUC 16T ) CNC CONTROL control. This CNC Machine is currently located in Wisconsin. This HITACHI SEIKI Horizontal Machining Center is available for a limited time.Get a quote today on this HG630 before it's gone.

X Axis Travel: 32.3"
Y Axis Travel: 31.5"
Z Axis Travel: 31.5"
Rapid Rate X Axis: 0 IPM
Rapid Rate Y Axis: 0 IPM
Rapid Rate Z Axis: 0 IPM
Pallet Size: 36.36" x 41.3""
Max Pallet Load: 2640 LBS
Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 40 HP
Tool Changer: 60 ATC
264 Ft. of Memory and Fanuc Servo Motors and Drives
Standard Axes Travels: “X” – 32.3”, “Y” – 31.5”, “Z” – 31.5”
Table Length: 630mm x630mm
Table Center to Spindle Nose – 150mm (5.9”) to 950mm (37.4”)
Table Surface to Spindle Nose – 100mm (3.9”) to 900mm (35.4”)
60 Tool – Automatic Tool Changer Magazine
U.T.S. Probe System – Basic Function Level (need to confirm installed)
40 H.P. Main Spindle Motor (50% E.D.)
100 – 10,000 R.P.M. Spindle Range – Full H.P. at 465 RPM
A.T.C. Tool Size is 4.9” Dia. By 19.7” Long by 44 Lbs. – Adjacent Tool
Max. A.T.C. Tool Size is 9.65” Dia. By 19.7” Long by 44 Lbs.
Positioning Accuracy - +.00015”/All Axes Full Stroke
Repeatability - +.00008”/All Axes Full Stroke
1 degree Table Index (360 degrees total)
99 Tool Length or Diameter Offsets & 6 Work Offsets (G54-G59)
Direct Tapping Function
Manual Portable Pulse Generator
Max. Weight on Pallet – 2640 lbs.
Rapid Traverse: 1,772 I.P.M. – All Axes
Spindle Speed Over-Ride to 200% of Programmed Speeds.
Feedrate Over-Ride to 200% of Programmed Feeds Lock out to 120%
Helical Interpolation – Thread Milling (3 Axis Control)
Auto Power Cut-off Device – Shuts Machine off at End of Program
Maximum Work Area 36.6” x 41.3” Height
Macro “B” 100 Variable – Programming Language
Chip conveyer with coolant tank system (o.e.m.)
Coolant thru spindle equipped from Factory
2 pallet machine with Hyd. Automatic Pallet changer equipped
Machine Weight with A.P.C and A.T.C Mechanisms – 36,800 Lbs
Weight: 36,800 LBS
Chip Conveyor
Coolant Thru Spindle
360 Deg. Indexing Table
Brian (Machine Shop in USA)

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