Used LAGUNA IQ Router

Pre-owned LAGUNA IQ 2019 Router for only $11,500. This Router has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in Hampton, Virginia. This LAGUNA Router is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this IQ before it's gone.

What’s Included:
-Laguna IQ Pro with 4’ x 4’ work envelope, 12” Gantry, 3hp Liquid-Cooled spindle (includes reservoir and pump), and specialty controller, including hand held controller with display and USB input, dust shoe, and touch-off puck.
-Several collets ranging in size 1?2” down to 1?8”
-Cable to connect laptop to controller.
-Grease to apply to ball screws after weekly cleanings to ensure smooth machining.
-Laguna plastic tool box.
-T Clamps to hold material to work bed.
Things of note:

This is an upgrade to the benchtop Laguna IQ. Normal IQs do not have the upgraded controller or the increased height gantry. As such, the machine base price was around 7k, much like a car’s base price is lower-These upgrades put the machine around 12K. It has a true 4ft x 4ft over-edge work space. The spindle is 3hp, 2.2kw, and liquid cooled. (Pump and reservoir included) and the gantry is tallest possible on this model, at 12”.

The gantry is tall enough to accommodate the 4th Axis - CNC Lathe attachment. (4th Axis may be purchased from Laguna)

When we purchased it, the frame size and work area required an upgraded controller. The controller is the same controller sold with the Swift model, including hand held controller with lcd display and USB input... hence why it looks so much bigger than a normal IQ Controller. Make no mistake- this is an industrial machine.

The handheld controller works off of USB for files (Aspire software not included). Most software will allow you to set the travel and spindle speeds, however you can set it up through the controller as well if needed.

Purchased in March 2019, delivered in May 2019. works perfectly, essentially brand new. FEWER THAN 10, SINGLE ITEM, DEMONSTRATION RUNS ON THIS MACHINE. There is light tracking on the stock melamine (spoil boards are meant to be spoiled and replaced, am I right? :) ). Track coverings underneath the machine, have been wrapped in duct tape as they were catching on the frame and popping off. No damage to wires or tubing, just the track covering - protective and precautionary only as it houses the wiring and cooling hoses. Why it was built like that, I have no idea, but it’s moving and working beautifully following the change.

Shipping cost includes the cost of renting a truck and bringing it out to you and is based off of shipping and travel all the way to San Diego, CA... including hotel stay. Alternately you can opt to find and pay for your own shipping company and select “local pickup”. It’s about 600lbs, so a forklift will be needed if opting for your own shipping. If we are shipping to you, we will care for the forklift upon pickup, but you will need to secure one to take off the truck.

I feel like I’ve provided most information of what anyone would need to purchase, but don’t hesitate to send me a message on here if you have any other questions!
Equipped With:
Dust Collector
Hold Down
12” Gantry for optional 4th axis lathe. (4th axis lathe not included)
Upgraded Controller
Water cooled spindle
Kevin (Machine Shop in USA)