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Okuma Genos is the CNC model of Okuma machine tools. With its friendly design perfect to increase productivity, the Okuma lathe Genos model and vertical machining center is perfect for your shop. The top Okuma Genos model is the Okuma Genos m460-ve with thermal stability and what Okuma calls "affordable excellence". If you're looking for an Okuma Genos for sale call us at 844-262-6789.

Used Okuma Genos


Okuma has a global share in CNC machine tools like machining centers, lathes and turn-mill machining centers. It is not only involved in the production of multi-tasking machines and grinders but also offers control systems and peripheral equipment. Okuma has been around for about a century and today, Okumas state-of-the-art CNC products are used globally to make high-quality components for the most demanding industries such as automotive and aerospace.

Okuma has introduced the Genos line of turning centers equipped with multiple hardware and software solutions facilitating productive, accurate operations. These machines are known to serve the most demanding CNC requirements. Let us dive deeper into the Okuma Genos machines and learn more about their features.

Okuma Turning Centers

Okuma offers a wide range of CNC lathes in a variety of bed lengths, bore sizes and other features. Such a wide variety allows creating custom lathe solutions powerful enough to meet any production requirement. A number of parts can be made on a single machine. These machines feature thermo-friendly design to allow holding high tolerances, minimizing the need for stand-alone grinding or finishing operations.

Okuma is one of the leading providers in the industry with accurate, reliable turning centers ranging from feature-packed, affordable entry-level machines to high-speed, high-precision, multi-axis, high performance centers. Okuma has a lathe for any application you have. Some of the advantages of Okumas turning centers include heavy-duty construction for long-life and higher rigidity and easy-to-operate, powerful THINC-OSP control system.

The Okuma Genos L series, unlike other entry-level CNC machines, provides the accuracy, rigidity and repeatability needed for a wide range of applications including hard turning. Resembling expensive machines, the Genos L series lathes feature a one-piece, cast iron base with horizontal way system and headstock plus tailstock mounting surfaces. With a highly versatile configuration system, you can customize a Genos L series tool to meet your exact requirements.

The latest in the Genos L series of lathes are the L2000 and L3000 one-saddle lathes featuring an integral spindle for high precision, powerful CNC machining. They are strong and ideal for cutting a variety of exotic materials with ease. These evolved machines horizontal lathes work for turning and offer optional milling capabilities and Y-axis in a compact footprint.

Okuma Genos l250


One of the most powerful machines from the Okuma Genos line is the L250. It is an entry-level, affordable, multi-functional lathe with basic configuration. The simple multi-tasking machine has a superior cost performance. It combines simple structure with ease of use and superior quality with a wide array of specification variations to be able to handle everything from small workpieces to bar material in complex shapes.

The high-accuracy, wide range Y-axis travel with double slide system allows accommodating a variety of milling operations. Not only does it maintain high dimensional accuracy with changing room temperatures but the thermal deformation prevention also delivers high accuracy during machine startup and restart. It shortens the warm-up time automatically and minimizes the need for dimensional correction during machine restart. The Genos L250 comes with 6-inch chuck with 13-inch Z-axis travel or 8-inch chuck and 18.5-inch Z-axis travel. It occupies as little as 30 sq. Feet of floor space and can be easily accommodated.

Okuma Genos l300m

The Okuma Genos L300 is a horizontal CNC lathe that offers a broad range of configurations in the Genos line of lathes. They are entry-level, multi-functional, affordable lathes with a basic design. Constructed on a single-piece, cast iron base with a horizontal system, this lathe features hand-scraped headstock and tailstock mounting surfaces.

The Okuma Genos L300m is designed to provide a unique blend of rigidity, stability and accuracy to suit a variety of applications. With live tooling and standard 10-inch chuck, the machine can be easily configured with Y-axis or sub-spindle and comes with five varying lengths of Z-axis.

To offer a great combination of productivity and precision, the machining center is equipped with Okumas Thermo-friendly concept. This concept makes use of symmetric box-build double column construction using cast iron. The machine also features a thermo-shield design to neutralize the negative influence from the heat of hot chips and coolant. Thermal deformation prevension guarantees high accuracy during machine startup and restart.

Okuma Genos M560

The Okuma Genos M560 Vertical Machining Center is a beautifully designed, cost-effective production powerhouse. It features a highly-rigid, thermally stable construction that allows it to withstand thermal deformation thereby providing improved performance and reduced thermal growth. It is designed to be able to handle a wide range of materials from aluminum to titanium and works without compromising on the quality of finish or productivity

The bridge-style construction gives better rigidity and stability than any other VMC and also ensures longer tool life, faster run times and superior accuracy. The machine is powered by the CAT 40 Big Plus spindle with 15k RPM, 30HP, 150 ft-lb of torque. This spindle is rated at 20,000 hours which is double the life of most competitors. This makes the M560 a market-leader for sure. The spindle come with the torque needed for a wide variety of applications and works great on steel, aluminum and even hard metals.

The design of Genos M560 is quite user-friendly and the table moves on the Y-axis for easy loading and unloading of parts. The room on the table allows adding the 4th axis while the 32-tool front-access tool changer separate from the machining area gives access even when the machine is cutting. The controller of Genos M560 is operator-friendly, featuring an open-architecture platform for future upgradability and allows the machine to run as fast as it can.

The Okuma Genos M560 vertical machining center is an affordable, powerful machine designed to suit a wide range of cutting applications.