Are you looking for a Waterjet Cutting Machine that can help you meet your production requirements with custom precision cuts? If so, then the 2014 OMAX MICROMAX Waterjet is the perfect solution for you. This machine is designed to provide the perfect balance between speed, precision, and flexibility. Whether you're cutting metal or non-metal components, this machine is equipped to handle all your cutting requirements. One of the key features of this machine is its CNC Control System, which provides you with complete control over the cutting process. The OMAX control software is designed to make it easy for you to import your CAD designs and convert them into precision cuts. The system also allows you to control the speed, pressure, and cutting path of the waterjet, giving you complete control over the finished product. The 2014 OMAX MICROMAX Waterjet also comes equipped with several options and upgrades. These include the EnduroMAX 3060 Pump, which provides you with high-pressure water delivery for faster and more accurate cuts. Additionally, the PREVENT Filtration System ensures that the water utilized by the machine is clean and free of contaminants, ensuring that your cuts are precise and accurate every time. In terms of movement, this machine offers impressive X, Y, and Z-axis travel, providing you with the flexibility to create intricate designs with ease. The table size of 35" x 36" also allows you to cut large materials, while the Material Support Slats - 4" x 1/8" Galvanized Steel - ensures that your materials are held in place during the cutting process. The machine also has a Max supported Material Load of 400 lbs/sq ft, which means that you can work with heavy materials. The 2014 OMAX MICROMAX Waterjet requires a 3-Phase, 380-480 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz electrical connection to operate. It can operate at a maximum speed of 100 in/min, enabling you to finish your projects with speed and accuracy. The machine has a weight of 5,300 lbs and dimensions of 74" x 84" x 84", making it a compact and efficient solution for your manufacturing requirements. To summarize, the 2014 OMAX MICROMAX Waterjet is an ideal machine for fast and precise cutting of materials. With its robust design, advanced CNC Control System, and top-of-the-line options and upgrades, this machine is equipped to fulfill all your cutting needs. Its precise movement, large table size, and high material load capacity, coupled with its easy-to-use software and filtration system, make it a must-have for all manufacturing setups. So, buy this 2014 OMAX MICROMAX Waterjet today and take your manufacturing process to the next level.

X Axis Travel: 25"
Y Axis Travel: 25"
Z Axis Travel: 4.5"
Table Size: 35" x 36"
Material Support Slats: 4" x 1/8" Galvanized Steel
Max supported Material Load: 400 lbs/sq ft
Electrical Requirements : 3-Phase, 380-480 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Speed: 100 in/min
Dimensions: 74" x 84" x 84"
Weight: 5,300
EnduroMAX 3060 Pump
PREVENT Filtration System


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