Used SERVO 7070 Tooling and Workholding

1997 SERVO 7070 tool that can be used for a variety of applications. This versatile machine has been designed to provide maximum accuracy and precision in the machining process. It features an advanced servo motor system which allows for precise control over the speed and torque of the cutting tools. The unit also includes a wide range of accessories such as collets, chucks, vises, clamps, drill bits, taps and reamers. This product is ideal for use in industrial settings where accuracy and repeatability are essential requirements. Its robust construction ensures long-term reliability while its ergonomic design makes it easy to operate even in tight spaces or awkward positions. The SERVO 7070 also offers excellent value for money with its competitive price tag compared to other similar products on the market today. The 1997 SERVO 7070 Tooling and Workholding comes complete with all necessary components including mounting hardware so you can get started right away without any additional purchases required. It is compatible with most standard CNC machines making it suitable for both small scale operations as well as larger production runs requiring higher levels of precision workmanship. With its durable construction this product will stand up to years of heavy use without needing frequent maintenance or repairs ensuring your investment remains secure over time. Overall this 1997 SERVO 7070 Tooling and Workholding provides an excellent solution when looking for reliable performance at an affordable price point making it perfect choice whether you’re just starting out or have been working in the industry for many years already!

Maximum distance of chuck/collet to base 18"
Throat depth 9.4"
Working base area 9.75" x 13.25"
Column diameter 1.25"
Column diameter 1.625"
Column length 18"
Footprint 10.5" x 18.5" x 29.5"
40 LBS
Terry (Machine Shop in USA)

This deal went awesome, I'm super impressed!

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US Bank

Very easy to deal with and professional. Made the selling process headache free with options based on my time frame.

Deanna L.

Precision Grinding Inc.

Michael helped me sell 3 Haas machines over the summer of 2016. CNC Machines was professional and effective at getting all of the machines sold.

Mark W.

Clark Machine is a top notch company! Now that I know you can purchase a machine online with someone that can be trusted, I will go back to for future purchases.

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