2021 ShopSabre SideKick10 Plasma CNC Machine - Gently Used with Options and Upgrades Introducing a remarkable piece of machinery, the 2021 ShopSabre SideKick10 Plasma CNC machine, an ideal option for individuals seeking to boost their productivity and take their operations to the next level. This gently used machine comes equipped with the highly recommended WINCNC control, ensuring precise and accurate results with every use. It is important to note that this plasma-cutting CNC machine is in working order and functions as intended. To enhance your work environment and reduce the likelihood of potential hazards, the SideKick10 Plasma comes with a water table for 5x10 dimensions. This addition ensures that excess heat, debris, and dust are properly managed during the operation, resulting in a safer workspace and improved cutting quality. A standout feature of this gently used machine is its SideKick Laser Sight, designed to help users accurately align their cut positions on the material. This useful feature makes it simple to ensure that every cut is accurate and precise. Accidents can occur - that's why this SideKick10 Plasma CNC machine is equipped with Torch Collision Detection technology. This feature aids to protect your torch from damage by stopping the machine in case of any accidental contact with the material. It minimizes the costs of replacement torch components and machine downtime associated with torch collisions. The wireless handheld pendant offers users both convenience and flexibility when operating this machine. Whether it's for setting up the job, running test cuts or positioning the torch, this handy device streamlines the entire process and offers greater ease and freedom of movement. Lastly, the 5" 4th Axis capability included with this machine significantly expands the range of applications possible, as it offers the ability to perform rotary cutting tasks. This means that you gain even more flexibility and versatility from this fantastic machine, transforming your CNC plasma cutting potential. To summarize, the 2021 ShopSabre SideKick10 Plasma CNC machine, equipped with WINCNC control, is a valuable investment for anyone looking to enhance their capabilities in the manufacturing and production sectors. The extra options and upgrades, such as the water table, SideKick Laser Sight, Torch Collision Detection, wireless handheld pendant, and 5" 4th Axis, make it an even more attractive purchase for those seeking a solution that combines both functionality and convenience. Don't miss the opportunity to own this gently used, functional, and versatile CNC plasma cutter, and enjoy the benefits it can bring to your production processes.

X Axis Travel: 122"
Y Axis Travel: 65"
Z Axis Travel: 9"
Welded Steel Frame, Tube Steel Gantry, Steel Machine Base
Emergency Stop Switch
Limit Switches on X,Y,Z Axis with Auto Squaring and Boundary Alarms
Enclosed Wire Carriers for Wire Protection
Industrial Precision Rack and Pinion Drive System on X & Y Axis
Planetary Gear Drives with Servo Motors
Industrial 25MM Precision Linear Guide Rails & Bearings
Inner Table Slats & Brackets
Dimensions: 93" x 145" x 67"
water table for 5'x10'
Sidekick Laser Sight
Torch collision detection
wireless handheld pendant
5" 4th Axis

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