Our Mission
To Help American Manufacturers Upgrade Their Technology
We'll be at FABTECH 2023 on Sept 11 - 14!
How is CNCMachines.com helping American manufacturers?
After a few years of just buying and selling CNC machines, CNCMachines.com transformed into a software company that never sold software! In order to fulfill our mission to help American manufacturers upgrade their technology, we realized we needed to develop the best software tailor made for all things CNC machine related. Read more about this journey below...
2018  Price Guide Launched
At IMTS 2018, CNCMachines.com launched the very first machine valuation software for the CNC industry.

Like the Kelly Blue Book, the CNC Machines Price Guide is 100% free to use and helps manufacturers determine the value of their used CNC Machines.
2019  Salesforce Canceled
CNCMachines.com canceled its Salesforce license in favor of building custom in house CRM software.

Becoming independent of 3rd party software providers, like Salesforce, has allowed CNCMachines.com to develop software solutions tailored specifically to the CNC machines marketplace.
2020  #1 on Google
CNCMachines.com becomes the #1 trafficked website for CNC machines.

The advantage of coming in #1 on Google's search engine for top CNC keywords has allowed CNCMachines.com to reach a far greater number of potential buyers and sellers for CNC machines.
2021  Direct Marketing
CNCMachines.com strengthens its custom CRM suite to include direct text and email marketing. These features come complete with full historical tracking and utilizes real time analytics software that is also used by many of the top financial trading platforms.
2022  Materials For Sale
CNCMachines.com launched its brand new CNC Materials marketplace to help connect buyers and sellers amidst unprecendented material shortages and price increases.

CNCMachines.com intends for this to help American manufacturers acquire the material they need at both a reasonable price and timeframe.
2023  And Beyond...
CNCMachines.com will open up its custom CRM and marketing software platform to be used exclusively by American manufacturers.

Allowing the software that has been developed over the last 5 years to be openly used by American manufacturers is yet another way CNCMachines.com will fulfill its mission to help American manufacturers upgrade their technology.