HAMMOND VERSA FLOW VSF1200P Manual and Other Machining

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Pre-owned HAMMOND VERSA FLOW VSF1200P 2017 Manual and Other Machining. This Manual and Other Machining has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in USA. This HAMMOND M...Read More

Tub diameter 48”
Tub depth 18”
Tub Speed 300-900 SFM
15 HP main drive motor
Gear reduction to tub
Removable tub screen
Water/Compound dispersing system
Spindle Speed 0-25 RPM
Pneumatic ID collet
Spindle Rinse
EZ Clean Tub Screen

Versa Flow Background:
The Versa Flow line of machines is an ultra-high energy form of mass finishing. The
power is created by a high-speed spinning tub filled with media and liquid compound.
The centrifugal force produced by the spinning tub and weight of the media provides a
form fitting abrasive mass. The part is mounted on a rotating spindle which presents
the part to the rotating mass for processing. The spindle design allows for many
different sizes of parts and presentations into the mass. The Roto-Spin is capable of
processing parts in minutes or even seconds compared to traditional vibratory

EZ Clean Tub Screen:
Allows fluid to constantly flow through the tub. This flow removes the waste from media
breaking down and the material from the processed part out of the tub. The rotating tub
is perforated and covered with an easily removed fine wire mesh. For use with dry
processing the wire mesh screen is replaced with a solid screen.

Variable Hi-Speed Tub:
The variable speed tub is controlled by a VFD. The speed in Surface Feet per Minute
(SFM) is measured at the tub wall. This speed increases the centrifugal force applied to
the media. This helps the compound flow through the tub and applies great amounts of
force to the processed part. The tub is contained in a heavy duty structural base built to
withstand the significant energy produced by the spinning tub. The tub is mounted on the
output shaft of a heavy duty gear reducer.

Tub Drain:
Tub drain contains the liquid as centrifugal force pushes it out of the tub during
processing. This drain collects the liquid and allows time for solids to settle. This helps
in cleaning and recirculation of compound.

VSF-1200P Spindle:
The spindle is designed and constructed to withstand the force applied by the rotating
media mass. The tilting of the spindle is done by a pneumatic cylinder. This tilt cylinder
plunges the part into the mass. Securing the part to the spindle is done by a standard
Hardinge style collet that is pneumatically operated. Urethane collet protectors are added
to protect the tooling from the rotating mass. During the spindle process the part will run
in both directions to fully present all critical part geometry to the media mass. After the
process is completed the spindle blow-off will remove media from the tooling and part
back into the tub. A Jog pushbutton and hand spray is also included to aid in part rinsing.
Part positioning in the tub is critical to process performance. The spindle adjustments are
explained in detail below.

Spindle Drive:
The rotating spindle turns the part in the mass in both CW and CCW directions. The 0-
25rpm speed of the spindle is fully adjustable and controlled by the 1/4hp VFD.

Vertical Adjustment:
The vertical spindle adjustment positions the part just above the tub bottom. Total
adjustment is 8”. Tooling length also determines part final position.

Horizontal Adjustment:
The horizontal spindle adjustment positions the part just inside the tub outer wall. Total
adjustment is 12”.

Camber Adjustment:
The camber spindle adjustment positions the part at an angle to the tub bottom and tub
outer wall. Total adjustment is 0-10°.

Spindle Pivot:
The spindle pivot locates the part in the mass during processing. With the spindle at 0°
the part will be perpendicular to media flow. With a pivot angle of +10°(Lead) the part will
be pivoted into the media flow 10°. With a -10°(Trail) pivot angle the part will be pivoted
10° with the media flow. Total pivot adjustment is 15°in either direction from 0°. Total
adjustment is 30°. The pivot actuator and servo valve accurately move the part during
processing for optimal part coverage.

Spindle Adjustment:
The spindle set up is completely process dependent. Sample processing by
Hammond Roto-Finish will help determine final adjustments.

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