Used TARUS TPTCGD5X8 Manual and Other Machining

This 1995 Tarus TPTCGD5X8 large Machining is a great choice for any machinist looking to increase their production capabilities. This machine features a CNC control system, the Tarus TPI-2000, which allows for precise and accurate cutting of materials. The machine also comes with several options and upgrades that can be added on to further enhance its performance. These include a chip conveyor, coolant & filtration system, high pressure pump , pendant mounted CRT, auxiliary spindle and more. The Tarus TPTCGD5X8 Manual and Other Machining has been designed with precision in mind. It offers an impressive range of motion along all three axes (x-axis travel: 8”; y-axis travel: 5”; z-axis travel: 4” allowing it to handle complex shapes with ease. Additionally, this machine is equipped with a powerful 3HP motor that provides plenty of torque when needed while still maintaining accuracy at higher speeds. In addition to its impressive specs, this 1995 Tarus TPTCGD5X8 CNC Machining also comes with several optional upgrades that can help you get even more out of your investment. For example, the chip conveyor helps keep chips away from the work area while the coolant & filtration system ensures optimal lubrication during operation as well as keeping debris away from sensitive components inside the machine itself. The high pressure pump helps maintain consistent cutting pressures throughout each job while the pendant mounted CRT makes programming easier than ever before by providing visual feedback directly from within the control panel itself! Finally, if you need extra power or speed then you can always add an auxiliary spindle onto your setup for increased productivity levels without sacrificing accuracy or quality results! Overall this 1995 Tarus TPTCGD5X8 Manual and Other Machining is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current machining capabilities or start fresh in their shop environment! With its robust construction combined with advanced features such as those mentioned above – plus many more – it's sure to provide years of reliable service no matter what type of projects you have planned ahead!

Maximum Drilling Diameter: 2"
Maximum Drilling Length: 84"
Minimum Drilling Diameter: 0.125"
X-Axis (Table): 96"
Y-Axis (Vertical Head Travel): 60"
Z Axis (Drilling Stroke): 84"
W-Axis (Column Travel): 29.5"
Table Area: 60" x 96"
Table Weight Capacity: 80,000 Lbs
Spindle Speeds (Main): 50 - 3,400 RPM
Spindle Speeds (Auxiliary): 50 - 2,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 15 HP
Rapid Traverse: 300 IPM
Tarus TPI-2000
Chip Conveyor
Coolant & Filtration System
High Pressure Pump
Pendant Mounted CRT
Auxiliary Spindle
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