Industrial Grinding Machines For Sale

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Industrial grinding machines refine the production material until the desired finish is achieved. These machines use a grinding wheel to remove material on a metallic piece by cutting. Typically used for hard-fine machining of parts, industrial grinding machines produce high quality surfaces in a fraction of the time. Grinding machines can also create grooves and other circular shapes on a metallic exterior. Looking for a CNC grinding machine? Call us at (844) 262-6789.

Buying Used Industrial Grinding Machines

The price tag for a new CNC grinding machine can be daunting. Luckily, used grinding machines are an excellent option due to their durability and resale value. When looking for a used grinding machine, check the listing for the maximum workpiece weight, the distance between centers, and the maximum grinding wheel diameter. The machine's price should reflect its size, the number of spindles, how old the machine is, and any additional options.industrial grinding machines

What are the main categories of grinding machines?

  • Surface Grinders: These use an abrasive wheel, a chuck that holds the piece being worked on, and a reciprocating or rotary table. Surface grinders can have interchangeable wheels, providing precise surface finishes of +/-0.0001.
  • Cylindrical Grinders: Also called outside diameter (OD) grinders, these machines are designed to shape a workpiece's exterior. Unlike surface grinders, both the workpiece and the grinding wheel are simultaneously rotated.
  • Centerless Grinders: These grinders utilize two wheels to hold the workpiece in place while they rotate it to grind the surface. Centerless grinding machines allow the entire workpiece, or a portion, to move between the wheels and remove the material. As a result, high tolerances are possible with these machines.
  • Internal Grinders: Also called inside diameter (ID) grinders, these machines have grinding wheels that are more petite than the workpiece's width. The workpiece is held in place by a collet, which rotates the piece during grinding. As a result, the grinding wheel only touches the inside diameter of the workpiece.
  • Specialty Grinders: This category of industrial grinders can also be classified as jig grinders. These grinding machines are built to incorporate multiple grinding styles and are typically optimized for specific workpieces. For example, they can have numerous spindles, specialize in ID or OD grinding, or be capable of doing several grinding techniques.

The three significant benefits to purchasing a used industrial grinding machine are:

  1. Your companys bids can be a little lower than your competitions, giving you the competitive edge.
  2. Introducing a new grinding machine to your shop opens the door for more fabrication contracts.
  3. When cared for and used correctly, industrial grinding machines can be resold whenever you are done with them.

We've got you covered if youre in the market for an industrial grinding machine. Our used grinding machines are a cost-effective way to quote new contracts without the high price tag of a new machine. If youre in a hurry, reach out to our team, and well get you the right equipment fast.