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Used Metal Folding Machines For Sale

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We provide some of the best used metal folding machines you can use commercially. Our used metal folding machines are perfect for creating metal sheets and plates. And they’ll surely give you the best bang for your buck.

Accuracy In Bending

Bending is one of the most critical processes in fabrication. Force is applied to a sheet of metal to bend, angle, and shape it. You can easily bend metal with metal folding machines. They use tension and compression to apply the force needed to bend the material you want.

Quicker Setup

You can quickly set up a folding machine. Unlike traditional bending methods and press brake bending, you don’t need another person to help you out when setting up and operating a folding machine.

The worktable supports the sheet while the machine feeds in and folds the material according to your settings.

Greater Part Accuracy

The machine clamps onto the sheet metal to ensure a perfect fold. CNC operated folding machines can detect any inaccuracy in the measurements of the sheet being fed into the machine. The CNC program will adjust the setting to compensate or correct the inaccuracy.

Cosmetic Application

Most fabrication shops use press brake bending if they don’t have a CNC metal folding machine.

The biggest drawback with a press brake bending machine is that you need to use a bending die. This die can leave some scratches on the outer part of the sheets. You’ll also need to handle the sheet with care or get someone to help you keep the sheet in place and prevent the machine from making scratches.

Labor Reduction

As mentioned before, performing traditional metal bending methods or using a press brake requires you to have two people to ensure high-quality folds. With a folding machine, you only need one. This operator only needs to program the machine, feed the metal, and check the folds for accuracy.

Why Shop With Us?


It goes without saying that you can get significant price savings since you’re buying the products used. If you’re shopping on a limited budget, give us a call, and let us help you find used metal folding machines for lower prices.

Post-purchase Support

If you have any additional questions or issues following your purchase, give us a call and we will have a professional get in touch with you. We at CNC Machines are always here to help you out.