KAAST Machine Tools

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KAAST is a German based machine tool company with US operations headquatered in Aldan, PA. From mills and lathes, to grinders, laser cutters and saws, KAAST offers a wide variety of durable machines. Can't find the right KAAST machine? Call us at 844-262-6789.

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KAAST Machine Tools

Fabrication Machines, Mills, Lathes & Grinders

The KAAST US headquarters opened in 2010 while the parent company was founded in Germany in 2009. Since then, thousands of KAAST machines have been implemented all over the world. The band saws, presses, plate and profile rollers, ironworkers and shears that are used to make KAAST products are made in Turkey, while the mills, lathes, and grinders that are used to make KAAST chips are made in Taiwan.Used kaast cnc machines for sale

KAAST Products

KAAST offers a wide variety of machines ranging from fabrication tools like laser cutters to mills and lathes. Below is a list of what KAAST offers:

  • Cutting Tools
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Sawing
  • Fabricating

Buying KAAST CNC Machine Tools

KAAST Machine Tool Models

KAAST sets itself apart from the competition by offering simple and reliable technology made to last in enviorments that have heavy production. Below is a list of the models they offer:

Machine Type Model & Specs
Laser Cutting
  • C Laser - Economical fiber laser cutting machine
  • P Laser - Hi-performance fiber laser cutting machine
  • Dream Laser - Maximum performance fiber laser cutting machine
  • PT Laser - Sheet and tube combination laser cutting machine
  • T Laser - Tube laser cutting machine
  • X Laser - Hi-performance tube laser cutting machine
CNC Vertical Lathes
  • V-Turn ATC CNC - 18-40" max turning diameter. Fast, powerful, compact
  • V-Turn B CNC - 49-394" max workpiece diameter. Strong, efficient, heavy-duty
  • V-Turn Pro/Pro Plus CNC - 59"-118" max turning diameter. Complex, complete machining
CNC Mills
  • D Centers: Compact, fast, economical machines with travel up to 40"
  • A Centers: General purpose VMCs with travels from 30" to 60"
  • P Centers: Heavy-duty boxway machines
  • F Centers: High-performance VMCs
Fully Automatic Bandsaws
  • Scissor (Up to 13")
  • Dual Column (13"-22")
  • Swivel Head (13"-21")
CNC Press Brakes Press brakes that are fast and have graphical controls on a touchscreen. Sizes include;
  • 3'-8'
  • 10'
  • 12'
  • 14'-20'