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The Doosan Lynx is a 2-axis horizontal lathe that is renowned for packing a lot of productivity and performance into a relatively small package. The Lynx is one of Doosans most popular models with over 25,000 units sold worldwide. The Doosan Lynx range is comprised of different models and variations including those with long beds, sub-spindles, C-axes and driven tools. Each of these models offer great flexibility with different options for chuck sizes, coolant system upgrades, part and chip conveyors and bar feeders. Contact our machine tool experts for more information on available Doosan Lynx listings and what model or price point suits your needs. Call us at (844) 262-6789.

Used Doosan Lynx For Sale

2-Axis CNC Lathes


The Doosan Lynx line are popular CNC lathe models that offer excellent performance and reliability while still being flexible enough to accommodate different applications. The Lynx is ideal for component manufacturers that are looking for a fast and high accuracy turning machine tool. In addition to its performance, Lynx lathes have a small footprint and can fit in nearly any production setup.

The Lynx has a reliable servo-driven turret that holds a large number of tools. Rigid roller linear guideways drastically shorten your turning time and allow for smooth and fast operation. Lynx units can be controlled with FANUC i-series control panels for precision settings and easy operator adoption.

Units can be equipped with either a 6 or 8 chuck (45mm or 65mm bar capacity) and can further be customized with a range of options such as automatic tool setters, parts catchers, tailstocks, and a Manual Guide/Conversational Programming System.

Buy a used Doosan Lynx

Doosan's Lynx models are highly demanded machines that disappear almost as soon as they are put up for sale. Its not uncommon to see a used Lynx being sold in the $20,000-$50,000 price range, especially if the unit is equipped with upgrades and has a good service history. A Lynx is a dependable and durable unit that can last over a decade after its initial manufacture date, given that the machine has been properly maintained.

When you look at a used Doosan Lynx for sale, make sure you carefully inspect it for wear and and tear. Get plenty of photos if youre unable to inspect it in person, and dont be afraid to ask for more photos from the seller if you consider them incomplete. Remember to ask for maintenance records and hours of operation, as the age and wear of the unit should justify the selling price.

Doosan Lynx Models and Specs

Doosan Lathe Models Bar Capacity Axis Spindle Tool Capacity Travels
Lynx 210 2.5 in 2 4,500 RPM 10 6.3 in X 20.9 in
Lynx 220 2.625 in 2 4,000 RPM 12 6.9 in X 21.7 in
Lynx 300 3 in 2 3,500 RPM 12 10 in X 31.1 in