Fadal 4020 Vertical Machining Center

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The Fadal 4020 is the perfect VMCmodel for your custom machining needs. This Fadal CNC Machine model comes as a 40X20 in which makes it the perfect machine for automotive shops or any other type of custom machining. Fadal 4040's come with a spindle speed of up to 10,000 RPM, Spindle Taper of 40 and a spindle nose to table of 4-24 Inches. Looking for a 4th axis? the 4020 comes 4th and 5th axis ready. If you're looking for a used Fadal 4020, Our team can help you find the right Fadal VMC for your projects.

Used Fadal 4020 Machines

fadal 4020 vmc cnc machine

Fadal vertical machines are great computer-controlled mills that can help you customize or make custom parts. Our used inventory includes older 4020 models or newer models from 4020b and more. It's a great machine for heavy metal removal projects.

Standard Features on a Fadal 4020

The standard features of this machine make it an ideal and cost-effective solution without having to buy extra components. The standard features include:

  • Box Way Construction - Perfect to dampen vibrations
  • Spindle Oil Cooler - Includes a PDI lubrication system in which is automatic
  • Rigid Tapping - Perfect to synchronize your spindle rotation to a specific pitch.

It's an out-of-the-box machine that can become a workhorse for your machining projects, Many other Fadal VMC's are built with the same quality but the Fadal 4020 is known to be one of the best even as an older used CNC machine.

Optional additions to the 4020

This Fadal VMC comes 4th axis ready and 5th axis ready, BT40 Tooling options with an extended Z-axis that is up to 30 Inches. You can also add probing options like wired or wireless tool pre-setting, and a Wireless X, Y, Z coordinate. Our used machines already come with a lot of these options standardized but can also be added once your used machine is purchased.

Is the Fadal 4020 Right For My Business?

The Fadal 4020 is a great Heavy-duty machine that can produce the large parts your project or contract may need to produce. As a VMC it stands up against a lot of the large CNC mills like the Haas VF2. If your looking to buy a Fadal 4020 Call our experts today and we can help you find the right Fadal vertical mill for your needs.

Standard Specs For The Fadal 4020

Table Size 48" X 20"
Spindle Speed 10 - 10,000 RPM
Taper 40
ATC 21
Tool Diameter 3"
Spindle Drive Motor VECTOR Drive
Horse Power 10/15 HP
Weight 11,000 lbs