Pre-owned STRATASYS OBJET 260 CONNEX3 2013 3D Printer for only $25,900 $19,500. This 3D Printer has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in FL. This STRATASYS 3D Printer is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this OBJET 260 CONNEX3 before it's gone.

X Axis Travel: 10.2"
Y Axis Travel: 10.2"
Z Axis Travel: 7.9"

This 3D printing system was purchased for the engineering department in 2014, projects in house at that time required the style of printer, which reflected the various style materials offered in this particular machine. We have since shifted design work and have added two FDM machines to the printer lab that better align with the development focus. This has reduced the need for the “Polyjet” type machine to a point it is no longer required.

This machine has remained under service contract from the date of purchase until March 2021. It currently has 2938 print hours since new. All factory maintenance has been done on this machine under service contract, by certified Stratasys technicians.

Service includes new vacuum system (1/2021), Purge pumps replaced (2019), Load cell and cable (2019). Furthermore, the roller wipers, head wipers and UV lamps have been replaced. The machine has recently had two “long term storage” flush cycles ran (2/2021).

Included with purchase is two UV lamp calibration meters, original hand tools, a box of spare parts and cleaning supplies including waste containers. Also, included with the purchase is the high pressure cleaning cabinet for support material removal.
Equipped With:
Cleaning Station