STV PRO5 Plasma

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Up for sale is a 2021 STV PRO5 Plasma, a noteworthy member of the renowned plasma cutting systems. It's a pre-owned marvel that yet offers a stellar performance and continues to retain its initial sturdy built, equating to su...Read More

Cutting Envelope Dimensions
5’(W) x 5’(L). XYZ Breakdown: X = 60”, Y = 60”, Z-Axis travel = 6” Maximum
Linear System
All Axis On Precision Ball Bearing Carriage Guide Rails
Mechanical Drive System
X-Axis & Y-Axis Rack & Pinion, Made In USA
Mechanical Drive System
Z-Axis – Full CNC’d Billet Precision Ball Lead-Screw
System Interface
Windows OS
Motion Accuracy
0.002” per 12" inches
Step Resolution
(+) or (-) 0.002” inches
Maximum Cut Speed
1000" inches per minute
Torch Height Control
Table Surface
Water pans with replaceable 1.5" inch steel flat bar slats
Input Power
110V for the plasma table and 220V for your plasma cutting system.
System Ratio
3:1 Gear Reduction Gear Ratio
Precision Margin of Error
Every 10ft. of Travel = Off by 0.02" to 0.05" inches
Powermax105 SYNC

This deal went awesome, I'm super impressed!

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US Bank

Very easy to deal with and professional. Made the selling process headache free with options based on my time frame.

Deanna L.

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Michael helped me sell 3 Haas machines over the summer of 2016. CNC Machines was professional and effective at getting all of the machines sold.

Mark W.

Clark Machine is a top notch company! Now that I know you can purchase a machine online with someone that can be trusted, I will go back to for future purchases.

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