This 2007 WEISSER UNIVERTOR AT CNC Lathe is a great choice for any machinist looking to increase their capabilities. This lathe features a Seimens CNC control, allowing you to program and execute complex operations with ease. The machine has an X-axis travel of 400mm, Y-axis travel of 200mm, and Z-axis travel of 500mm. It also comes equipped with a 12 station turret that can be used for both turning and milling operations. The spindle speed range on this lathe is from 50 - 5000 RPMs, giving you the flexibility to work with different materials at various speeds. Additionally, it has a rapid traverse rate of 10m/min in all three axes which allows for quick movement between cuts or operations without sacrificing accuracy or precision. The maximum cutting feedrate is 0.1 mm/rev while the maximum torque output is 5Nm at 1500 RPMs – perfect for heavy duty applications such as drilling and tapping large holes into tough materials like steel or aluminum alloy blocks. This 2007 WEISSER UNIVERTOR AT CNC Lathe also includes several safety features such as an emergency stop button and overtravel protection sensors that will shut down the machine if it detects any potential danger during operation. Furthermore, its rigid construction ensures stability even when working on larger pieces or heavier loads so you can rest assured knowing your workpiece won’t move around during machining processes like boring or threading operations. Overall, this 2007 WEISSER UNIVERTOR AT CNC Lathe offers excellent performance combined with reliable safety features making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their workshop equipment!

Chuck Size: 8" (2)
Spindle Speed: 5,000 RPM (2)
Spindle Motor: 40 HP Each
X Axis Travel: 7.87"
Z Axis Travel: 11"
Rapid Rate Z Axis: 1,182 IPM
Turret Tools: (2) 12 Station
Rapid Rate X Axis: 2,362 IPM

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