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3D Systems is the first 3D printing company in the world, and was co-founded by the inventor of 3D printing, Chuck Hull, in 1983. 3D systems has gone on to pioneer many advancements and innovations in 3D printing, including Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), force-feedback haptic devices, Multijet Printing (MJP) 3D printers, and scan-based reverse engineering design software. Today, 3D Systems printers are used in many applications, including 3D scanning, design and engineering, manufacturing, and for medical specialties. You can find 3D systems machines in nearly any industry, including aerospace, automotive, dental, healthcare, and even jewelry production. Call us at (844) 262-6789 for more information on 3D Systems printers.

3D Systems 3D Printers

3D Systems is a global leader in the 3D printing industry. They have helped grow the 3D printing industry from a mere concept to a revolutionary manufacturing process that is changing the world. They continually innovate, and every new 3D printer they release carries new capabilities that push the envelope of additive manufacturing.Used 3d systems 3d printers for sale

3D Systemes printers are perfect for applications like short-run end-use parts, prototyping, accurate jigs and fixtures, production parts, tool and die manufacturing, investment casting, and improving assembly processes.

3D Systems Printing Software

3D Systems printers are both easy to use and highly complex. This is possible thanks to the proprietary software that 3D Systems includes in every device they sell.

3D Sprint

This additive manufacturing software was developed for printing both plastic and metal casting products. It has an easy-to-use interface that streamlines time to print. It accurately estimates both print time and material usage, making your 3D printing machine even more time- and cost-efficient than before.


3DXpert helps you by supporting every step in additive manufacturing, from design to post-processing. This intelligent software optimizes your designs structure by using lighter weights and other enhanced functional properties. With 3DXpert software, your 3D Systems 3D printer will take less time and use less material for better savings.

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3D Systems 3D Printer Models

Printer Series Model Type Software Materials Type
Figure 4 Series Figure 4 Production, Figure 4 Modular, Figure 4 Standalone, Figure 4 Jewelry 3D Sprint Plastic
ProX ProX 800, ProX 950, ProX SLS 6100 3D Sprint Plastic, Metal Casting
ProJet ProJet 6000 HD, ProJet 7000 HD 3D Sprint Plastic, Metal Casting
sPro sPro 60 HD-HS, sPro 140, sPro 230 3D Sprint Plastic Metal Casting
ProJet MJP ProJet MJP 2500/2500 Plus. ProJet MJP 2500 IC, ProJet MJP 2500W , ProJet MJP 5600, ProJet MJP 3600 3D Sprint, 3D Connect Plastic, Metal Casting
Project CJP ProJet CJP 860Pro, ProJet CJP 660Pro, ProJet CJP 460Plus, ProJet CJP 360, ProJet CJP 260Plus 3D Sprint Plastic
FabPro FabPro 1000 - Plastic
DXP DMP Factory 500, DMP Flex 350, DMP Factory 350, DMP 3DXpert Metal
ProX DMP ProX DMP 200, ProX DMP300 3DXpert Metal