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Cancam is a leading Canadian manufacturer of CNC routers and Laser machines, with their state of the art equipment providing the perfect combination of control and precision for any project. Whether you're crafting wood or signs in your shop, 3D modeling complex designs at an aerospace facility, or producing parts on demand - they've got the right machine to make it happen. Discovering which router suits your needs couldn't be easier when trusting to guide you through!

Cancam CNC Machines

For over two decades, Cancam has been the industry leader in delivering powerful and reliable woodworking equipment. Offering a wide range of robust CNC routers has established Cancam as a staple brand for furniture makers, cabinet creators and sign crafters alike thanks to their user friendly design, exceptional durability and unbeatable value.Cancam CNC Machines For Sale

Cancam is known for its specialized and dedicated customer service, providing training and support to ensure the highest efficiency with their industrial machines. Their extensive range of CNC routers and laser cutter systems are used in industries like wood and metalworking, fostering quick turnaround times that give each job the highest probability of success.

Industries that Use Cancam CNC Machines

Cancam CNC machines are widely used in a variety of industries, some of the most common include:

  • Woodworking: Cancam CNC routers are widely used in the woodworking industry for tasks such as cabinet making, furniture making, and sign making. They are also used for engraving and carving wooden objects.
  • Sign Making: CNC routers can be used to create signs and lettering with precision and ease. They can also be used for engraving and cutting materials like acrylic, foam board, and more.
  • Plastics Fabrication: CNC routers can be used to cut and shape plastic materials for a variety of applications, such as creating custom parts for machinery or creating custom displays and signs.
  • Metalworking: Cancam CNC machines are also used in the metalworking industry where they offer equipment such as plasma cutting machines that can be used to cut and shape metal.
  • Stone and Tile Cutting: Cancam also has specialized machines for cutting and shaping stone, marble and tile, which are widely used in the building construction industry.

Cancam CNC routers have a variety of applications and are used in many industries. Whether you're interested in automotive, aerospace, or any other industry - it's essential to do your research before committing to one machine model. Call and talk to the knowledgeable team at for help finding the right router that fits both your needs and budget!

Top Cancam Models and Specs

Cancam has something for everyone! From the tech savvy metalsmiths who need a powerful CNC router, to experienced woodworkers looking for precision laser machines, Cancam's CNC machine features and specifications can be tailored to suit an impressive range of needs. Some of the top Cancam models and their key specifications include:

CNC Routers

  • Cancam CNC routers come in different sizes and configurations. Some of the most popular models include the B1-44M, C1-23H and C2-510ATC.
  • These machines feature a precision ball-screw drive system, and high frequency spindle motor options.
  • They can work with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, metal and more.

Laser Machines

  • Cancam laser machines are popular for their precision and customization options. Their three most sought after models, the Mira 7, Elite Nova 13, and the Super Nova 14 offer a substantial range of size possibilities to suit your needs.
  • These laser machines feature a precision ball-screw drive system, and high-frequency laser options.
  • They can work with a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, metal and more.

Cancam offers a variety of models with distinct features, but be sure to check in regularly at for the latest selections and specifications! Contact us now at (844) 262-6789.