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DN Solutions is a CNC Machine company that makes metal cutting equipment, drilling machines, and other products. Also known as Doosan CNC, DN Solutions makes a number of other specialty CNC machines, high-speed turning centers, and horizontal machining centers.

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DN Solutions CNC For Sale

On May 25th 2022, CEO Kim Jae-Seop announced that Doosan would switch their brand name from Doosan Machine Tools to DN Solutions. Doosan will be reborn as a complete manufacturing solutions provider. DN Solutions, the new name of Doosan Machine Tools, began to be used on June 2, 2022. This marked a new beginning following DN Automotive's merger, which became the new parent company in January 2022.

DN Solutions is committed to becoming a global company under the new name, building distinctive competitive advantages over the current growth engines and actively establishing brand presence in areas of future growth through aggressive investments in expanding manufacturing capabilities as well as sustainable management to fulfill socially responsible business practices.

It is believed that the D in DN alludes to the past 45 years of trust-building by Daewoo and Doosan, which were the precursors to DN Solutions, along with DTR Automotive, the predecessor of DN Automotive. N symbolizes Now & New, representing the determination for the DN Group to open new avenues by continually facing new challenges rather than settling for past successes.

This also signifies Doosan is about to enter a new and more expansive time, fueled by the powerful synergy between two businesses that have been merged into one family.

Types of DN Solutions CNC Machines

Some of the new and rebranded machines include

Machine Type Description Models
Turning Centers On the SMX Series, there are a total of nine axes, thus there is practically no limit to what you can make. SMX machines have the same high performance and amazing flexibility as PUMA MX machines while having bigger chuck sizes. These devices significantly alter the situation. LEO, LYNX, PUMA, SMX and XG
Swiss Turn The Swiss-type turning center is designed for mass manufacture of intricate, microscopic components, such those used in the manufacturing of watches and medical devices. **Suitable for processing small parts with diameters between 20 mm and 38 mm. PUMA ST GSII series
Vertical 5-Axis Machining Centers Component producers that want to quickly and accurately make complicated components may use the DN Solutions 5-axis machining centers. These machines, which are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and delivered "automation-ready," will significantly increase your output and performance. DNM, VC630, FM5AX, DVF, VCF
Boring Machines Medium to large-capacity Horizontal Boring Mill, a top-selling, well-liked machine series with ten year sales of more than a thousand units. Maintaining the machine series' top position in the market requires ongoing development and improvements to the technology used. DBC Series
Bridge Mills High performance and high accuracy machine tools are required by producers of big, oversized dies and mold tools (such as press tools, injection molding tools, etc.) for the automobile industry. As a consequence, many people have bought equipment from the BM series. BM Series

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