Used EPSON PS3 AS00 Handling

Pre-owned EPSON PS3 AS00 2007 Handling. This Handling has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in Pennsylvania. This EPSON Handling is available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this PS3 AS00 before it's gone.

Epson ProSix PS3 6-Axis Articulated Robot
Load Capacity 2 to 5 kg (4.41 to 11.03 lbs)
Weight: 45kg
Motor Power:
Axis 1: 200W
Axis 2: 100W
Axis 3: 50W
Axis 4: 200W
Axis 5: 50W
Axis 6: 50W

(1) High-speed and high-accuracy control
PS3 Manipulators are controlled at high speed and high accuracy by techniques we have acquired while improving our SCARA robots.
- PS3 Manipulators move at high speed and stop at target points as you desire.
- High-speed and high-accuracy positioning shortens cycle time.
- Maximum operating speed has been improved at the highest level for the small industrial robot industry.
- Residual vibration has been decreased.
- Improved rigidity of the arms reduces vibration and deflection of the
- PS3 Manipulators hold position with great stability.
(2) High-accuracy trajectory control
The accuracy of CP trajectory control has been improved so that you can operate the Manipulator with more flexibility while taking advantage of six degrees of freedom.
(3) Available for large payloads
Large allowable moment of inertia has made it possible to support relatively large payloads.
Optimal control for payload by using the WEIGHT and INERTIA commands make handling large payloads more stable.
Peter (Machine Shop in PA)