Used FEMCO CNC Machines

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FEMCO Machines has grown from a humble bicycle rim shop into a multi-divisional international company.

While FEMCO has been producing high-quality machine tools since 1958, FEMCO USA started importing them in 1977. Currently a production facility in Chiayi, Taiwan builds all FEMCO CNC machines. The company has been providing customers with the best quality devices at the lowest price for over forty years.

Its machine works division has one goal: to create powerful machines that will generate profit for its clients. The team relentlessly inspects and tests each machine to guarantee quality.

FEMCO CNC Machines

There is a wide variety of FEMCO CNC machines, offering solutions from the smallest tools to the largest parts.

Here is a list of FEMCO CNC machines:



FEMCO Model Series

FEMCO Turning Centers


NVL-12M, VL-12, VL-25, VL-25M


Horizontal Boring Mills

BCM-100HT, BMC-220FR1 with Automatic Pallet Changer, BMC-110FT2 with Facing Head, BMC-110FT3 with Facing Head, BMC-110FT4 with Facing Head, BMC-110R1, BMC-110R1 with Automatic Pallet Changer, BMC-110R2, BMC-110R3, BMC-110T2, BMC-110T3, BMC-110T4, BMC-135R, BMC-135T, BMC-135TN, BMC-250T


Vertical Machining Centers

MCV-1100, MCV-1600, MCV-300, V-2000—Geared Head, V-43, V-700, V-2000—Belt Head

FEMCO Turning Centers

Turning Centers

HL-250, HL-400, HL-400M, HL-55/1250, HL-55/2000, HL-55/2500

FEMCO Wheel Machines

Wheel Machines

WHL-55SP, WHL-68, WHL-68SP, WVD-24, WVD-24C, WVD-24C (4-Axis), WVD-24C (5-Axis), WVD-24X, WVL-F24, WVL-F24A (with Automatic Pallet Changer), WVL-T24

Why Buy a FEMCO CNC Machine?

FEMCO has been manufacturing finely-crafted machines since 1958. The company’s decades of experience and expertise allow it to build top-quality machines at affordable prices.

Award-Winning CNC Machines

Award-giving bodies often acknowledge FEMCO’s dedication to providing its clientele with durable and efficient machines of value. It continuously wins the Supreme Excellence Prize at the Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS).

Award-Winning Parts Department

FEMCO CNC machines are built to last, but sometimes parts wear out and need replacement. The company’s award-winning parts department offers replacement parts for both older and newer CNC machines.

The department is well-stocked with a wide variety of components for many of its older models, including parts that have less demand.

Top-Notch Service Engineers

FEMCO’s service engineers are well-trained in keeping machines producing precision parts. The service department offers preventive maintenance packages for both older and newer CNC machines. Each service engineer can troubleshoot CNC machine problems quickly and efficiently.

FANUC CNC Technology

FEMCO CNC machines use only the latest FANUC CNC technology.

FANUC is the world’s leading supplier of intelligent factory automation systems, including CNC machines. It has over 50 years of experience and over 4 million CNC installations worldwide. The company’s technology allows CNC machines to experience less downtime, produce more parts, and support downstream production. FANUC CNCs boast of the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).