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Flow waterjet systems are known for being one of the best machines for waterjet cutting. Their waterjet technology is easy to use with a cutting-edge application, giving you the needed manufacturing capabilities to deliver quality materials to your customers. Flow waterjet cutting machines are amazing abrasive waterjet systems. Flow perfected the technology and continues to innovate in their international ventures within the US. Since its founding in 1974, Flow has shipped over 13,000 waterjet and abrasive waterjet systems to clients in over 100 countries. Buy a Flow Waterjet machine from CNCmachines.com or call us at (844) 262-6789.

Flow Waterjet Machines

Early in the 1970s, a group of scientists who had worked on R&D projects at Boeing established a company called Flow Research. Flow Research's first commercialized device was an ultra-high pressure water jet for industrial cutting. In short order, the Flow brand developed the first ever abrasive waterjet technology and had it patented and perfected. Now Flow Waterjet is known around the globe to be the best and most dependable abrasive waterjet machinery. They have great customer support with local domestic waterjet parts when needed.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

In abrasive water jet cutting, an abrasive powder is dispersed in a high pressure water jet (usually 200-300 MPa) to smooth the material being cut. This procedure is primarily intended for use in punching holes or slicing forms in flat materials. The addition of abrasives also increases the force of the water that comes into contact with the surface. This results in a much cleaner and faster cutting process when compared to pure waterjet cutting, which does not utilize any abrasive materials.

Flow Waterjet Models

Flow machines consist of 6 different model options to choose from with several types of combinations to be utilized based on your cutting technology needs.

  • The Mach 100 Series: With the Mach 100, you get the bare bones of waterjet cutting capability. The Mach 100 has powerful cutting capabilities and a programmable Z-axis for more versatility. It was designed using the same components as Flow's premium cutting solutions.
  • The Mach 200 Series: The Mach 200 has been meticulously developed to satisfy customers' needs for affordability, dependability, and power. Using authentic Flow technology, this system was built to be a reliable and adaptable waterjet option. The Mach 200 combines exceptional affordability with cutting-edge performance, giving you access to features often reserved for top-tier waterjet systems.
  • The Mach 300 Series: The performance of the Mach 300 can be depended on since it was designed for that very reason. The technology provides a simple, functional waterjet alternative. The Mach 300's compact design and cutting-edge Flow waterjet technology mean it won't break the bank or your shop's floor.
  • The Mach 500 Series: In terms of efficiency, the Mach 500 is your best bet because of its unparalleled precision, responsiveness, and velocity. With the first all-inclusive servicing program for waterjet machinery, this technology is groundbreaking in terms of dependability and production. The Mach 500's adaptability sets it apart, allowing it to serve as either a comprehensive solution or a specialized one.
  • The Mach 700 Series: To cut through thick materials, nothing beats a Mach 700 waterjet. The Mach 700 series is a large-format waterjet that can accommodate high standards and rigorous conditions thanks to its twin bridge. With the Mach 700, you can have a significant effect on your bottom line because of its size, speed, and precision.
  • The NanoJet: When it comes to small-format waterjet machining, the NanoJet is your best bet for precision and accuracy. The NanoJet is a revolutionary new cutting system that Flow Waterjet has developed; it is self-contained and produces a clean, silent cut.

Flow Waterjets For Sale

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