Used Fryer CNC Machines

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Fryer Machine Systems began its operations in 1982 with three principles in mind: quality products, fair pricing, and excellent service. With its diverse line of high-quality machine tools, the company has been consistently growing for over 30 years and has stayed true to its principles. All Fryer distributors are trained on both mechanical and electrical systems to provide clients with the level of customer service expected from the company itself.

Fryer CNC Machines

Fryer manufactures several types of machine tools, such as toolroom mills, toolroom lathes, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, five-axis machining centers, turning centers, and CNC machines.

These are the Fryer CNC machines:



Fryer Model Series

MB-Q Series

Toolroom Mills

MC-10Q, MB14-Q, MB-16Q

MB-R Series

Toolroom Mills

MB-10R, MB-14R, MB-16R

Toolroom Horizontal Milling

Toolroom Mills


MC Toolroom Series

Toolroom Mills

MC-10, MC-14, MC-16

CM Series

Toolroom Mills

CM-15, CM-20

ET-TR Series

Toolroom Lathes

ET-16, ET-18, ET-21, ET-25

ET-LC Series

Toolroom Lathes

ET-30, ET-40

ET-XL Series

Toolroom Lathes

ET-50, ET-65, ET-80

MC-B Series

Vertical Machining Centers

MC-30B, MC-40B, MC-45B, MC-60B, MC-80B, MC-100B

MC-L Series

Vertical Machining Centers

MC-24L, MC-30L, MC-40L, MC-45L, MC60L

VB Series

Vertical Machining Centers

VB-60, VB-80, VB-100, VB120, VB-160

TC-V Series

Vertical Machining Centers

TC-40V, TC-80V, TC-120V, TC-160V, TC-240V, TC-320V

HR Series

Horizontal Machining Centers

HR-14, HR-40, HR-70, HR-120, HR-160

HB Series

Horizontal Machining Centers

HB-70, HB-120, HB-160

TC-H Series

Horizontal Machining Centers

TC-40H, TC-80H, TC-120H, TC-160H, TC-240H, TC-320H

5X Series

5-Axis Machining Centers

5X-60, 5X-100, 5X-120, 5X-160

SX Series

5-Axis Machining Centers

SX-60, SX-80

VT Series

Turning Centers

VT-30, VT-40, VT-60, VT-80

SL Series

Turning Centers

SL-6, SL-8, SL-10, SL-12

Why Buy a Fryer CNC Machine?

Fryer has been around for over three decades and offers unparalleled performance, quality, and ease of use.

Field Upgrades

Fryer offers upgrades for older models. Once you purchase a Fryer CNC machine, you can upgrade parts such as 4th and 5th axis rotary tables, glass scales, spindles, high-speed machining, and live tooling at a later date.


When it comes to innovative machines and features, Fryer is a known industry leader. Count on Fryer to create a solution for your machining requirements, whether you need high-performance visual meteorological conditions (VMC) for aviation, Toolroom products, traveling columns, or multitasking machines.

CNC Control

Fryer believes that CNC control is the heart and soul of every machine and only uses the most advanced digital controls from Siemens and Fanuc. These brands are known for superior performance and reliability compared to home-grown PC control counterparts.


Fryer only uses high-end components in its machines, such as C3-grade, double-nut ball screws, class 7 bearings, Meehanite castings, and Siemens and Fanuc electrics. All the high-quality parts are assembled and custom-configured in the United States. Fryer machines are known for their durability and a high tolerance for wear and tear.

Ease of Use

Fryer is the only brand that offers Siemens CNC customized for small lot production. Siemens CNC platforms offer simple programming, fast setup, probing cycles, 3D model graphics, high-speed machining, etc. The Siemens hardware platform enables companies to save as much as 40% on power consumption and features absolute encoders and high-torque motors.