Haas VF5

Exploring The Haas VF5

The Haas VF5 is a popular medium size CNC, with a travel 50 x 26 x 25 on the VF-5/40 model, and 60 x 26 x 25 on the VF-5/50XT model. Its been in production since the 90s with the same travel specifications. Below is information about the Haas CNC controls including DWO/TCP and the general specifications on the VF5.

Haas VMC Controls

Haas control makes the VMC (Vertical Machining Centers) easy to operate. The Haas CNC VF5 controls come with one-button features to make common multi-step functions fast. For example, a tool offset can be reduced to the push of one button. Other common functions of the one-button function include setting work offsets, homing the machine and the selection of the next tool during setup. On the Haas VF5, the jog-handle can be used in other modes to cursor through the program for overriding spindle speeds, faster editing, or to scan through offsets, parameters, etc. When buying a used VF5 Haas, ask if the controls have been updated. Youll want to consider what options you have to update that particular used Hass VF5 for sale.

Haas VF5 Overview and Specifications

The standard Haas VF5 comes as a 40 taper / 3 axis / 8.1K RPM / 30 tool model and a 50 taper / 3 axis / 7.5k 30+1 tool model. The VF5/50XT is the larger spindle taper. The 2015 model (and others) come with a 15 LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock key switch, rigid tapping and a 95-gallon flood coolant system. This CNC is a workhorse with its high-power direct-drive spindle.