Machine Shop Auctions

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We have the best used CNC equipment available up for auction at

Visit one of our machine shop auctions to see if you can find your desired tools at a discount if you’re looking to save some money when purchasing a used CNC machine.

Machine Shop & Equipment Auctions

We take pride in our ability to provide tools at much lower prices than you can get anywhere else at Part of our commitment to ensure customer satisfaction is providing high quality used CNC machines for all of our buyers. This is what our machine shop auctions are all about.

CNC machine shop auctions provide a means for people to find equipment at cheaper-than-normal prices. Despite their relative affordability, we are confident that they can still serve their purpose and work as well as their new machine counterparts.

We offer several tools for sale at every auction, and we get bids from people looking to take advantage of these prices. Of course, the highest bidder will get the item.

Why Auction With Us?

machine shop auction

The point of our machine shop auctions is to help you get your products at much lower prices, and you can rely on us. Of course, there are other reasons why you should auction with us!

Easy Auction Process

Our auctions are simple and straightforward. You can find all the information available for all products on our website.

You can also reach out if you have any questions to get someone in the team who will answer those questions and help you out.

Logistics Support

CNC Machines will also provide logistical support after the auction is over. Everyone who wins an item can reach out to us for questions regarding shipping and rigging.

Feel free to browse around the site and contact us if you find anything that piques your interest.