Nakamura Tome CNC Machines

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Nakamura, also known as Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co., is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality turning machines. The company was founded in 1949 by Tomeo Nakamura and released their first NC turning center in 1974. The company is now located in Ishikawa, Japan and their products are being sold all over the world. Nakamura's machines are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, medical, defense, IT, and aerospace. Nakamura has developed a strong reputation for building effective and reliable multi-tasking turning centers, although it does carry traditional turning center machines as well. Nakamura machines are accurate, consistent, and easy to use. They are supremely flexible; a single Nakamura multi-tasking turning center can serve multiple needs within a manufacturing facility.

Nakamura Turning Centers

Nakamura-Tome is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of multi-tasking turning machines. They are very user-friendly thanks to features like icon-based menu controllers, production monitoring, automation options, and operation-level control functions. These machines can easily be incorporated into larger production lines and can be equipped with bar loaders, robots, and gantries. Used nakamura tome cnc machine citizen for sale

Machine Tool Innovation

Nakamuras machines use the best and most innovative technology available in the industry. One such innovation is twin opposed spindle machines. Each of these are equipped with multiple tool turrets or tool changers and gives increased flexibility and machining capability for complex components.

Another key feature is the air bag, which detects excess loads and helps prevent broken parts if a collision should occur.

A Nakamura for any purpose

Nakamura-Tome carries turning machines to suit virtually any manufacturing need. From basic, high-speed production machines like the NTJ-100, which can easily handle simple machining tasks, to highly-specialized applications like the Super NTXL, which is purpose-built for machining long parts. Nakamura has a model for any situation.

Selecting a Nakamura-Tome turning machine

A Nakamura-Tome turning machine is a significant investment, so you need to make sure you buy the right one for your situation. Understand the specifications of the component youre producing, as well as the volume and required accuracy tolerances.

If you have any questions about which Nakamura model is best for you, consult one of our team. We are experts in the machine tool industry and are ready to help. Call us at (844) 262-6789.

Nakamura Turning Center Models

Model Type Model Names
AS-Series Horizontal AS-200, AS-200MLY, AS-200 LMYF, AS-200 LMYSF, AS-200 MY
SC-Series Horizontal SC-200, SC-200 L, SC-250, SC-300 IIL, SC-300 II, SC-450, SC-450 L

Nakamura Multi-Tasking Turning Center Models

Model Type Model Names
TW-Series Universal TW-20
WT-Series Universal WT-100, WT-150II, WT-250II, WT-300
WTS-Series Universal WTS-150
WY-Series Universal WY-100, WY-150, WY-250L
NTY-Series Universal NTY3-100, NTY3-150, NTY3-250
NTR-Series Universal NTRX-300, NTRX-300L, NTRX-300SF, NTRX-300TF
NTJ-Series Universal NTJ-100
MX-Series Universal MX-100, MX-100F
JX-Series Universal JX-250
Super Series Universal Super NTJX, Super NTMX, Super NTX (W)