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With over two decades of expertise in the CNC machine industry, ShopSabre is trusted for its top tier products that optimize speed and accuracy to get you the perfect results. Whether you need a CNC router, plasma cutter, or laser cutting machine, if it's from ShopSabre, then know your projects will always be completed with precision. Reach out to the experts at today so we can begin helping you find the best solution for your specific budget and project requirements!

ShopSabre CNC Machines

ShopSabre CNC is a USA based manufacturer of high quality industrial grade machines, renowned for their precision and speed. Their comprehensive range includes solutions for many different industries, including but not limited to: woodworking, cabinetry, sign making, engraving, plastic fabrication, metalworking, glass etching, stone cutting, tile machining, and PCB drilling. ShopSabre has established itself globally with offices located all around the world, thereby reaching customers from coast to coast since their founding over 20 years ago.ShopSabre cnc machines for sale

With a passion for engineering and software, ShopSabre founder and CEO Jim Bombardo set out to create an automated machine that could produce parts on demand. After exhaustive research into the highest quality components available, he designed his own 3-axis ball screw driven CNC router with industrial grade materials, which resulted in hours of reliable production without sacrificing precision. Little did he know this would just be the beginning in establishing ShopSabre as one of today's leading CNC solutions.

Top ShopSabre CNC Machines

ShopSabre makes two types of CNC Machines, They are:

CNC Routers: ShopSabre CNC Routers provide unparalleled capabilities, enabling you to take on virtually any task or industry with your machine. With custom options and advanced cutting solutions such as 4th axis indexing, drill heads and tool changers, ShopSabre takes the guesswork out of creating a personalized Router table that is tailored specifically for your needs, giving you an extra edge in performance over other standard products. Popular models include:

  • IS-M Series
  • Industrial Series
  • Pro Series
  • RC Series:
  • ShopSabre 23

CNC Plasma Cutters: Unleash the power of your CNC plasma table with ShopSabre's custom, cutting edge options. With exceptional capabilities that go far beyond what is commonly found on competitors' models, from 4th axis pipe cutting to High Definition advanced solutions for a variety of industries, you can confidently configure your Plasma cutter exactly as needed. Make every project extraordinary and let ShopSabre revolutionize your shop today. The two top selling models include:

  • Sidekick CNC Plasma
  • Shopmaster CNC Plasma

Trust in the Team

If you're looking for a CNC Router or Plasma from ShopSabre, our team can help you find the perfect solution for your project. Call us today for more information at (844) 262-6789.