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For more than three decades, Thermwood has been a leader in advanced CNC machinery manufacturing. They specialize in 3 and 5-axis high speed CNC Routers that have found their way into industries such as woodworking, aerospace engineering, plastics production and entertainment technology. If you're looking for the perfect machine to help your business reach its potential, contact and request a quote today.

Thermwood CNC Machines

Thermwood is a clear leader in technical innovation across all of its product lines. They have pioneered groundbreaking research and development since the 1970s, when they developed both a CNC control system and what was the world's first automated router for sale. Much of today's modern technology has come out of Thermwoods advanced capabilities, including ultra high performance control systems, real time software design, CAD/CAM engineering practices, complex motion dynamics controls, thermal designs and expertise in polymer sciences.Thermwood cnc router for sale

Today, Thermwood's cutting edge CNC control stands out as one of the most advanced and capable on a global scale. Aerospace giants, automotive companies, government contractors and defense forces count upon its superior quality for their very complex projects, making it a must have in every industry sector. While other players focus merely on machines or software development separately, Thermwood is unique in its approach by combining all components of state of the art technology into truly unparalleled products that provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Top Models of Thermwood CNC Routers

CabinetShop Series: Looking to add a custom touch to interior design? The CabinetShop Series is the perfect solution, offering comprehensive equipment and tools for creating personalized cabinets, furniture pieces and additional products. Bring unique beauty into your home or workspace with a CabinetShop Series CNC Router.

  • CabinetShop 43: Thermwood's 3 axis CNC router is designed to maximize performance for the manufacturing of custom cabinets, furniture and support products with a nested based production system. With precision at its core, this technology delivers high quality components that meet exacting deadlines making it an ideal fit for numerous applications.
  • AutoProcessor Series: Manufacturing custom furniture just got a whole lot quicker and easier with Thermwood's AutoProcessor Series. High throughput technology streamlines the production process of cabinets, closets and more delivering fast, efficient results in a very short timespan.
  • CabinetShop MTR: Conquer complex manufacturing needs with three axis CNC routing systems available in both single or dual table designs. Ideal for processing nested base, composites and plastic materials.

MultiPurpose Series: The MultiPurpose three Axis CNC routers from Thermwood are a choice solution for nearly any manufacturing need. Their incredible versatility allows them to be used in a range of applications, making complex tasks easier and more efficient than ever before.

  • MultiPurpose 42: This CNC Router provides improved accuracy and efficiency for cutting a wide range of materials, including hardwoods, softwoods, MDF boards, plastics and aluminum. The rotating table feature allows the user to manipulate large pieces without having to reposition them, thus providing quick results with complex shapes.
  • MultiPurpose 53: Increase efficiency with a state of the art CNC Router by Thermwood, featuring moving gantry and fixed table with optional roller hold down. This three axis router is designed to effortlessly handle large sheet materials like MDF, particleboard and plywood.
  • MultiPurpose MTR: For precision CNC routing projects, Thermwood's 3 axis systems featuring single or dual inline tables are the perfect solution to nest any base material, be it composite, plastic sheeting or many other surfaces. Achieve accuracy down to 0.01mm and save time with double table production.

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