Used Metalworking Equipment

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Used metalworking equipment has advantages that can benefit a business owner. It can do the job readily for a fraction of the price and has proven output. With you can find the right CNC equipment for your next project without having to spend top dollar on a new machine.

Metalworking Equipment: Buying Used Vs. New

Used metalworking equipment can benefit your shop one way or another. You might still be uncertain after looking at your options. To help you weigh things out, here is a concise guide that can give you insights before choosing used equipment for your metalworking business.

Advantages Of Buying Used Metalworking Equipment

These are the benefits of using used industrial equipment for your metalworking business:

  • Lower purchase price: The initial cost of used equipment is significantly lower than brand new equipment that can do almost the same task.
  • Minimal lead times: Typically, buying brand new machines require orders before manufacturing them, but used ones are already in stock and are just waiting for you to grab them.
  • Depreciation and resale value: You might be planning to use metalworking equipment for a few years to save some money to buy a new one. You may be able to sell the old machine close to its price when you purchased it.

Why Buy Used When New Metalworking Equipment Has More Features?

There are a few downsides to using new metalworking equipment, and here they are:

  • Limited budget: It's no question that you can buy used equipment for a fraction of the price of a new one. If you can utilize used equipment without compromising the quality of your work, why bother with new equipment?
  • Learning purposes: If you are still new to metalworking, it will be practical and economical to learn using old equipment first.
  • Unutilized specifications: Sometimes old equipment can provide the same level of quality as new equipment, so you may not need several of the features included with the new equipment available in the market. It's time to use the old equipment available.

What To Consider When Buying Old Metalworking Equipment

used metalworking equipment

Of course, there are certain disadvantages of used equipment. We can't blame you for doubting their usefulness and reliability, but you can cut the risk by assessing considerations that we will discuss below. It revolves around profitability, so look at this guide before considering which used equipment to buy.


You are either looking for another machine to increase productivity or only need to keep up with the demand. Sometimes you might even see a machine in our store similar to what's on your shop floor. This situation will favor you when you buy used equipment if you only need to increase your shop floor capacity.

There are times when used equipment is significantly cheaper than new equipment but can still provide the same level of quality and capacity. If it matches or exceeds the requirements of your business, you can potentially profit from the used one. You'd rather wait longer before you upgrade if your old tools and machines can still deliver for your business.

Lead Time

Another thing to consider is how long it will take to purchase the equipment. Buying new metalworking equipment can take you as long as nine months, depending on the model. If your requirements don't need much sophistication, you can order a new machine for at least a month.

This aspect isn’t a problem when ordering old equipment, which is typically readily available. The only factor that lengthens your wait time for your order is the time you will spend searching. You don't need to worry about that because our experts can help you quickly find the one that you’re looking for.


You might need an actual operator to examine the equipment. It’s best that you let one tag along with you when you start shopping around to ensure that the one you’ll buy will bring you profit instead of trouble.

There will be cases that you’ll search for used metalworking equipment to disassemble for spare parts, but don’t settle for a worn down piece even if you find the part you need ASAP is still good. Always get the one that’s still in pristine condition. Don’t be desperate and hasty.


A notable advantage of buying a used industrial machine is that you can ask about the seller’s experience with it. And since we also sell them, we can provide you with detailed information that you need before you purchase. We can educate you on how to take care of the machine and when you need to send it for repairs. We can also help you stay updated about the equipment if it's still available or already purchased.

Removal And Shipping

Other considerations are removal and shipping fees once you choose to buy used equipment. We offer upfront and hassle-free pricing to provide a smooth deal for all of our clients.

Please take note of everything you need to transform your metalworking machine. You need the necessary equipment to lift and move them through the fastest route available. You might need to research first before moving heavy metalworking equipment within a narrow space.

Buying Used Metalworking Equipment

We are happy to sell you a machine capable of meeting your quality and capacity requirements for a fraction of a new machine’s price. So if you are looking for a used metalworking machine for your business, look no further than our vast choices of used CNC machines!