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CNC machines are making parts around the world for every industry. They create things out of plastics, metals, aluminum, wood, and many other solid materials. They also drive 3D printers, robotics, and fabrication. Manufacturers rely on finding used CNC machines for sale to expand their capabilities. Well-maintained used machine tools can provide many years, and many cycles of use. CNC machines can be upgraded, rebuilt, have controllers replaced and connected for remote monitoring. Rather than buying a new CNC, manufacturers get all the functionality and dependability by carefully selecting CNC equipment with a trusted partner.

Used CNC Machines: Buying Used Mills & Lathes

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Over 500 used CNC machines available

At CNC Machines we have the ideal used machine tool for your production needs. Below you will find some of the most commonly used machines we sell

Used CNC inventory by type

Used CNC Mills: Manual milling machines use handwheels and lead screws to articulate a cutting tool onto a workpiece. In a CNC mill, the CNC moves high accuracy ball screws to the exact coordinates programmed instead. Milling CNC machines come in a wide array of sizes and types and run on multiple axes. The two main types of CNC mills are horizontal and vertical referring to the orientation of the cutting tool.

Used CNC Lathes: This type of CNC turns the workpiece and moves the cutting tool to the workpiece. A basic lathe is 2-axis, but many more axes can be added to increase the complexity of cut possible. The material rotates on a spindle. A grinding or carving tool makes the shape as it turns. CNC Lathes are used to make symmetrical objects like spheres, cones, or cylinders. Many CNC machines are multi-function and combine all types of cutting.

Used CNC Plasma Cutters: The CNC plasma cutter uses a powerful laser to cut. Most plasma cutters cut programmed shapes out of sheet or plate. Buying a used plasma cutter can help you save some money on plasma cutting projects and increasing your return on investment.

Used CNC Welders: Need to cut and fabricate with welds? Used CNC welders are available for every type of welding and ensure the repeatability and accuracy of welds. Combine with robotics and material handling to create automated manufacturing cells.

Used CNC Routers: CNC routers are usually used to cut large dimensions in wood, metal, sheets, and plastics. Standard CNC routers operate on 3-axis coordinate so that they can cut in three dimensions. However, you can also buy 4, 5, and 6-axis machines for prototype models and complex shapes.Just like used CNC routers used CNC Pick and Place Machine. A CNC pick and place machine works similar to a CNC router. But, instead of cutting material, the machine has many small nozzles which pick up components using a vacuum, move them to the desired location and put them down.

Some CNC machines that combine types of machining, fabrication, 3D printing, welding, and more for specific applications. Used CNC are capable of making very complex parts and assemblies with precise tolerances and fantastic repeatability. Contact our used CNC experts with details about your application to find a used CNC machine for sale that is optimal for your company!