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A tube bending machine is used to bend metal pipes into various shapes. It can be used to create complex bends, curves, and angles. The device applies pressure to the pipe, which causes it to bend according to the users specifications. Tube bending machines are used in many industries, from automotive manufacturing to aerospace engineering. The machine can be used to bend materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys. If youre in the market for a used tube bending machine, is the place to shop. We have an extensive selection of used tube bending machines in various sizes and styles. We make it easy to find the perfect machine for your budget and needs.

Types of CNC Tube Bending Machines

Several types of CNC tube bending machines are available on the market. They are as follows: Used Tube Bending Machine

  1. Manual CNC Tube Benders: These machines are manually operated and can bend small diameter tubes with a radius of up to 1.5. They are ideal for prototype work and small batches that require complex bends with accuracy.
  2. Hydraulic CNC Tube Benders: These machines are faster and more accurate than manual benders but require greater skill. They are primarily used to produce high volume, complex parts in industries such as automotive and aerospace.
  3. Electric CNC Tube Benders: These machines are highly precise and offer high repeatability for the mass production of parts with complicated bends. They are capable of bending a variety of tubes, including large diameter and thin-wall tubes.
  4. Rotary Draw Benders: These machines are the most common type of CNC tube benders and are capable of producing tight radius bends with high precision. They are suitable for medium to large production runs.
  5. Push Benders: These machines are designed to bend thin-wall material at high speeds and with great accuracy. They are ideal for producing parts with tight radii that require minimal tooling.
  6. Ram Benders: These machines use a two stage process and can bend tubes with large radii, such as those found in exhaust systems. They are ideal for jobs that require more complex bends with greater degrees of accuracy.
  7. Servo-Electric CNC Tube Benders: These machines are the most advanced type of CNC tube bender and can produce complex parts with tight tolerances. They are ideal for making parts with intricate geometries and thin-wall tubes.

Which Tube Bending Machine Should I Choose?

Each type of CNC tube bender has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration when selecting the best machine for an application. The choice will depend on the type of tubes to be bent, the volume of production required, and the level of accuracy needed for the finished parts.

Additionally, specific machines may require specialized tooling, which can increase the cost of production. Ultimately, selecting the most appropriate CNC tube bender for an application is a complex process that should involve careful consideration and expert advice.

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