Pre-owned WEEKE OPTIMAT BHX050 2011 Router. This Router has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC Contr control. This CNC Machine is currently located in SC. This WEEKE Router is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this OPTIMAT BHX050 before it's gone.

Z-direction: 60 mm
Drilling depth: max. 38 mm
Direction of rotation: right hand/left hand
Speed: 1,500 - 7,500 l-,/min frequency
Drive: 2.3 kW
Shaft diameter: d = 10 mm for quick change system
Total length of drill: 70 mm
Distance between spindles: 32 mm
Tool data base: with graphical operator guide to manage
Production list software: for management and creation of product lists for individual manufacturing. Hereby production sequences, target amounts and processing information can be stored.
Machine data recording schuler mde basic: for recording of produced workpiece
Woodwop: for graphical, dialogue-oriented generation of CNC-programs
3d wooddesign: with modern 3D surface for the interactive design of carcase furniture with output of woodWOP - programs
Woodassembler: to visualize woodWOP-proqrams (MPR) in 3D. This software enables the construction of individual workpieces to finished objects.
Number: 1/29 off
Saw blade thickness: max.' 5 mm
Working range: please refer to enclosed layout
Tool holder: for shaft diameter 25 mm
Tool diameter: max. 20 mm
Rotation speed: 6,000 - -18,000 1/min
Max. capacity at the tool: up to 5 kW (S1)
Axis speed: x/y = 50 m,/min
Workpiece length: min. 200 mm
Workpiece width: max. 850 mm
Workpiece thickness: min. 12 mm (for processing at the surface)
Z direction: 60 mm
Workpiece weight: max.60 mm 30 kg
Controlled drive: 2.3 kW
Drilling diameter: max. 35 mm
Drilling diameter max.: 35 mm
Power required: 400V
Floor dimensions: D-1.8m x L-3m x H-2m
Equipped With:
CNC Contr
Chase (Machine Shop in USA)