ZEISS Metrology and Inspection Machines

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ZEISS is over 100 years old. It was founded as the ZEISS Fine Measurement Department by Carl Zeiss in 1919; the same year the company presented its measuring instruments at the Leipzig Spring Fair in Germany. ZEISS continued to lead the way in German precision metrology by releasing the first ZEISS Universal Measuring Microscope in 1926, with the version being updated with the latest technology and re-released in 1953. Today, the ZEISS line of metrology and inspection machines incorporate a range of technological advancements, such as multisensor machines, computer tomographs, optical 3D digitization, and more. Call us at (844) 262-6789 to learn more about ZEISS inspection machines and how to find the right one for you.

ZEISS CMM Inspection Machines

All ZEISS CMM inspection machines include a precise probe system that combines pinpoint accuracy with a high measuring speed. ZEISS employs proprietary technology developed in house and incorporated into every ZEISS machine.Used ZEISS CMM Inspection Machines for sale

ZEISS Mass Technology

Most manufacturing companies need inspection machines that are both precise and quick. Thats why ZEISS developed the Mass Technology system--a system that allows ZEISS sensors to operate with high accuracy and flexibility across multiple CMM models.

The benefits of ZEISS mass technology include:

  • 1 system, 4 product lines, 9 sensors
  • Easy 3-step probe change
  • No loss of measuring space due to probe change
  • Maximum adaptability to measuring requirements

Buying Used ZEISS CMM Inspection Machines

ZEISS CMM Inspection machines can be configured to use different probes and sensor types for maximum flexibility. ZEISS machines also have the option to use a flexible rotary table, automated probe changing systems, or an HTG option for larger temperature ranges. When buying a used ZEISS inspection machine, carefully inspect the machines probes and add-ons to verify that the machines capabilities match your requirements. If its incomplete, you have the option of either looking for a different machine or purchasing spares directly from ZEISS. Consult with our experienced team to determine your own needs before investing in an inspection machine.

ZEISS CMM Inspection Machine Models

CMM Series Model Type Measuring Range (mm) (X/Y/Z)
ZEISS MICURA VAST XT Gold, VAST XTR Gold Bridge 5/5/5, 5/7/5
ZEISS SPECTRUM ZEISS XDT Direct, VAST XXT Direct, ZEISS RDS-C5 CAA Bridge 5/5/5, 7/7/6, 7/10/6
ZEISS CONTURA ZEISS CONTURA Bridge 7/7/6, 7/10/6, 9/12/8, 9/18/8, 12/18/8, 12/24/8
ZEISS ACCURA VAST Gold, VAST XT Gold, VAST XTR Gold, VAST XXT Bridge 9/16/8, 12/24/10, 12/42/10, 16/42/10, 16/42/15, 20/42/15
ZEISS PRO/PRO T PRO/PRO T, PRO premium, PRO advance Horizontal arm 12/15, 16/21, 16/25, 16/30, 18/21, 18/25, 18/30
ZEISS CARMET ZEISS CARMET Horizontal arm 40/16/25, 50/16/25, 60/16/25, 70/16/25