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Bystronic was formed in 1964 in Butzberg. Bystronic Maschinen AG first specialized in glass processing, but eventually branched out to laser and plasma cutting system as laser technology improved. Bystronic's first noteworthy laser machine was the BYLAS laser cutting system released in 1984, which had 500 watts of laser power. Over the next few decades, Bystronic gradually expanded its influence to other regions such as Italy, Singapore, France, Mexico, China, and more. Bystronic currently has 3,000 employees worldwide and dominates the European laser-based manufacturing market. Bystronic offers a wide range of optical manufacturing solutions, including laser cutting systems, laser automation, automation bending, and pressbrakes. Want to know more about Bystronic solutions? Call us at (844) 262-6789 for more information.

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Bystronic Laser Cutting Machines

All Bystronic machines employ laser technology to process sheet metal. Laser beams are created using a laser source conducted in one of two ways: first, a transport fiber that emits the laser bearm. Second, mirrors in the machine cutting head where a lens focuses it into a very small diameter at high power. Used Bystronic Laser Cutting Machines for sale

Whichever method its generated, the focused laser beam is very powerful and is able to melt sheet metal wherever it touches it.

Fiber laser cutting machines

In fiber laser cutting, the machine uses two fibers: an active fiber that generates the laser beam, and a transport fiber that transmits the beam to the machine cutting head. Although fiber lasers are much smaller than their CO2 laser counterparts, they are able to generate much more power from the same amount of current.

Fiber lasers are best suited for processing sheet metal made of steel, stainles steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals like copper and brass.

CO2 laser cutting machines

CO2 laser cutting machines use a carbon dioxide-based gas mixture to generate the laser beam. The gas mixture is electrically excited in order to create the actual laser beam. The laser beam is then guided to the actual material by optics.

CO2 laser cutting machines are an excellent all-around device for processing different material types and thicknesses.

Buying Bystronic Laser Cutting Machines

Bystronic laser cutting machines are a significant investment, with costs for pre-owned units easily running into six figures. As such, you should have a deep understanding of your requirements to guarantee that the laser cutting machine will be able to solve your needs.

If you have any doubts or questions as to whether a laser cutting machine is right for you, contact one of our experienced professionals at (844) 262-6789. We will guide you through the process and help you make the correct decision.

Bystronic Laser Cutting Machine Models

Series Model Laser Type Nominal Sheet Size (mm)
ByStar Fiber ByStar Fiber 3015 Fiber 3000 x 1500
ByStar Fiber ByStar Fiber 4020 Fiber 4000 x 2000
ByStar Fiber ByStar Fiber 6225 Fiber 6200 x 2500
ByStar Fiber ByStar Fiber 8025 Fiber 8000 X 2500
BySprint Fiber BySprint Fiber 4020 Fiber 4000 x 2000
BySprint Fiber BySprint Fiber 6520 Fiber 6500 x 2000
BySprint Fiber BySprint Fiber 8020 Fiber 8000 x 2000
BySprint Fiber BySprint Fiber 12020 Fiber 12000 x 2000
BySmart Fiber ByStar Fiber 3015 Fiber 3000 x 1500
BySmart Fiber BySmart Fiber 3015 Fiber 3000 x 1500
BySprint Pro BySprint Pro 3015 CO2 3000 x 1500
ByStar Fiber BySprint Pro 4020 CO2 4000 x 2000