CNC Laser Cutter

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CNC laser cutter technology has evolved through the years and become a powerful platform for metal cutting as well as other kinds of raw material cutting. When you are shopping for a CNC laser cutter, youll find three main types available; gas laser cutting, crystal laser cutting, and fiber laser cutting machines.

Used CNC Laser Cutters

cnc laser cutter

Gas CNC laser cutting

In gas laser cutting, a gas like oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen is used to cut material. For cutting mild and carbon steels, its common to use an Oxygen laser cutting machine. CO2 lasers are used for industrial cutting of many materials from titanium and stainless steel to mild steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, and paper.

Crystal CNC laser cutting

Crystal laser cutting (commonly referred to as neodymium (Nd) or yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd: YAG)), is used for boring where very high power is needed, such as with ceramics or scribing metals.

Fiber CNC laser cutting

This type of technology uses a solid grain medium for cutting instead of a gas or liquid. In a fiber CNC laser machine, the seed laser beam is amplified within a glass fiber for an extremely small and powerful cutting area. Its excellent for cutting reflective materials or making very complex, intricate parts.

Advantages of laser cutters

When you buy a CNC laser for metal cutting (instead of using more conventional cutting methods), you gain many advantages. CNC laser cutting consumes less power and operates at a quicker rate with more precise cutting abilities. The focused narrow beam can move along the lines specified in the CNC program just as easily as a pencil draws on paper.

With CNC laser cutters you can control the beam intensity, length and heat output, use an extremely low level of power, typically around 10 kw as compared with 50Kw used by other processes, cut a wide range of materials, reduce damage to areas around the cut since laser cutting is non-contact, reduce maintenance costs since parts are relatively inexpensive, make very precise cuts with smooth finishes, switch quickly between setups

Because of the advantages of laser, CNC laser equipment is used in a wide range of industries. These include the automotive industry, aerospace industry, semiconductor industry, the electronics industry, and the medical sector. Todays CNC laser cutting equipment makes parts faster, more precise and smaller than ever before. When you are talking with a seller about a particular used CNC laser machine, find out precisely what materials, industry, as well as part types he has made on this machine. If its similar to your target customer and parts base, you may have a great fit!